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Blog entries tagged with: 'accessibility'

Accessibility In Your Home

With the baby boomers aging there is a new demand in keeping homes easily accessible for the elderly and those with special needs. This can often be something that is overlooked in the initial development plans for a home or renovation. There are numerous ways you can make simple changes to your home during a renovation to make it more accessible, but here are a few key areas to keep in mind.

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Accommodating the New Family Dynamic

These days, new parents or those with aging parents are encountering a dilemma—“How can I best care for my loved ones?” An incredible number of people are choosing in-home options, such as adding on or renovating for an in-law or nanny suite. Unlike some other custom home renovations, there are a number of unique parameters to consider when planning an in-law or nanny suite. Here are just a few of many considerations:

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