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Re-Creating Your 'Happily Ever After' Home

With growing or shrinking family dynamics and ever changing lifestyles sometimes, we simply outgrow our house, or it stops feeling like home! For some, the simple answer is to move or build elsewhere, but for others, moving is simply out of the question.

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Removing Barriers... The Open Concept Renovation

In recent years, a common trend in custom home renovations has been to “open things up”. Homeowners are transforming their existing conventional houses into their dream homes by knocking down walls and adding structural beams to combine their kitchen, dining room, and living areas.

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4 Steps to Your Dream Home

With spring in the air, people are getting new ideas for upgrading their homes. From additions or outbuildings to renovating your existing living space; each project that you complete takes you one-step closer to having your ideal home. So how do you get from an idea to the finished project? Here are a few things to consider in your journey to having your very own dream home.

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Why Landscaping is Essential in the Planning of Your Custom Home

Landscaping should be part of your custom home design from the beginning. Attractive and functional landscaping is an integral part of planning your custom home.

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