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Small Kitchens - Big Heart

Don't let your tiny kitchen limit your dream creations. A small kitchen simply means that its design must utilize every inch of space in the most effective manner. Smart solutions and custom renovations that create an open, spacious, and functional space are a must when dealing with a small kitchen.

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To Trend or Not To Trend

Every year there are new trends in building and decorating and 2015 is no exception. Much like in the last few years, it appears that there remains a strong desire to transform the compartmentalized house into a family-friendly, entertainment-ready, open concept home.

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Perfecting the Home Office

In 2015, it should be no surprise that many Canadians work from home. Whether you run a household, a small business, or simply have flexibility with your employer for the location of your workday, one thing is certain, you need an organized, comfortable space to be effective. A home office needs to be more than just a stylish place that you enjoy being in; it needs to have the space to properly house all of the equipment you utilize, store supplies and have a workable desk surface.

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What Makes Your Design Custom

Designing a custom home or renovation starts long before you meet with the architect. A custom home provides an opportunity for you to create a residence that meets your needs and wishes - not one that you must conform to, therefore the forethought is vital to a successful design.

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