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2020 - A New and Very Different Year...but still all the same chores!

2020 - A New and Very Different Year...but still all the same chores!

Well without a doubt 2020 is a very different year.  Most people are struggling with this new ‘normal’ that we are all experiencing -- physical distancing and a certain amount of isolation.   These are challenging times for everyone and we know that chores are either the last thing on someone’s mind or… they are literally the entire focus of others—simply as a mere distraction from everything else that is going on in the world.  Despite everything else it has done, Covid 19 has certainly given some of us time to get caught up with chores!  

Thankfully, though it looks like summer is approaching…and hopefully we will get some good weather and lots of sun!...and hopefully some good news on the Covid 19 front. 

While backyard experiences may be limited to immediate family this year… time will tell…that doesn’t mean we don’t need to make our homes presentable.  Home maintenance is never optional—not if you want to protect your biggest investment; it is always a must!

So, after being cooped up in our homes for the last few months, when the sun is out try to incorporate your sun tanning efforts and backyard staycations with a few of your essential home maintenance tasks.  Reserve a sunny day for your outside home inspection, as the rainy ones can be used for inspecting the inside. 

If you have already taken advantage of the time you have had at home, you may have already gotten a head start on your maintenance program—Good for you!  If not, now is a good time to get motivated, because that list may be long!  But don’t fret, the sun seems to take the sting out of doing chores -- just along as you wear sunscreen! 

Since we are mostly spending our days at home anyway, we can probably get a lot done in record time, and it may take some of the boredom away. Indoor summer inspection, cleaning and re-organizing can be a big job. If you have your family living with you, why not make it a family event, with a reward for a job well done!  Perhaps it may be ice cream night, game night, or take out for a change!   

If it is just you, you can certainly reward yourself!  Perhaps, a take out dinner followed by a glass of your favourite wine, and a bubble bath will bring a relaxing end to your otherwise busy day. If you need assistance to know where to start, many spring/summer cleaning tips are available online and many of them have ideas to make family chores into an event.  We even have a starter list for you, if you look up Summer Maintenance Checklist from one of our past blog posts.

Keep in mind that your specific property or custom home is unique and you will need to consider maintenance from that perspective.  Not every checklist available is going to cover everything you need to do.  

So, inspect your home carefully for items that need attention or repair, and decide whether you can do it safely.  If you encounter something you are unsure of, or are not qualified to properly fix, call a professional to do the job right.  Some things must be done by a licensed professional (e.g. electrical and plumbing issues, etc.). 

Due to our current ‘new normal’ you may need to decide whether the issue is urgent or can wait until healthier times.  If in doubt consult a professional.  Just remember that regular home maintenance and inspections can save you a lot of frustration and possibly money later!


Vanderzalm Construction Inc. wishes you the very best of health this summer!  If you are considering a custom renovation, addition, or a Niagara custom home build, call us at (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823.