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2020: The year of Good Vision and Extraordinary Taste Trends

2020: The year of Good Vision and Extraordinary Taste Trends

Part I - Custom Trends for Custom Homes.

Well, it is that time of year again where we take a look at what the home trends will be for the year. But the new year is not just another year…it’s the start of a new decade and new beginnings. Simply by the change of the date, we say good-bye to the last decade and find ourselves open to new trends and new ideas.  It’s safe to say that trends are often recycled decorating ideas of the past with an interesting new twist.  This year is no different!

Going forward, when you are considering a new trend for your custom renovation, try to remember what happened to the old, possibly very similar, one. Did it stand the test of time or is it one of the main things that new owners are removing from their homes? Most of us still remember the mustard coloured appliances and fixtures that our parents or grandparents had – some things should definitely stay in the past!

Whether you want to incorporate new trends into your existing home, or use them to design your new home, take a good look as to how they will fit into your lifestyle as well as the phase of life you are going into – not every trend works for everyone.

So, what trends in custom renovations will we be seeing during this first year of a new decade—well the best is here—the biggest trend is you!:

General trends:

·      The basic and most important trend for 2020 is to add personality—your personality. An all neutral room can be comforting, safe or cozy…but sometimes lacks a sense of self. This year there is encouragement to implement a bit of your own self into all areas of the interior and exterior design of your custom renovation.  

·      Wasted space along with waste in general is definitely out. Space is a commodity and using it effectively to make your home work for you is in. As moving may not be an option for everyone, it is vital to not have under-utilized space. Multipurpose rooms are trending in smaller homes. Custom designed cabinetry can make those spaces multi-functioning (e.g. closet and home office/desk combined). Effective and beautiful designs are available to help homeowners reclaim wasted space and enjoy their homes through all phases of life.

·      Sustainable materials and energy efficiency in all aspects of interior/exterior design is in high demand and supported by new building codes. This has become a requirement in custom home building and renovations in Niagara and beyond.

·      No longer a trend, the ‘smart home’ is the standard for new homes, implementing technologies such as smart plugs/switches, climate control, security cameras, new phone chargers, smart locks, robotic vacuums, and automation for window coverings, lights, appliances, and most home elements is quickly becoming part of most new custom renovation or home designs. 

·      Multi-generational living incorporated into new home designs – still on trend.  With the need for affordable family care and affordable home ownership – in-law suites, nanny suites, and joint home ownership/space is becoming a trend for many new home owners.

·      Black finishes are still on trend – and are being incorporated into floor and wall tiles, tubs and other fixtures, furniture, exterior window trim, stone colours, stucco colour, appliances, artwork and more. 


Outdoor Rooms:

·      While not every homeowner has the latest trends for outdoor features, many homeowners are looking to make their backyards into an extension of their living space through exterior renovations. With such a short outdoor season in Niagara, many people love to sit on their decks or patios and share drinks and good food with their family and friends whenever they have time to spare.  With that in mind, many appliances for an indoor kitchen can be found in a version for an outdoor kitchen. An area to dine and relax are often formed around an outdoor fireplace or firepit. Some outdoor furniture can be as comfortable as indoor furniture.  Making your backyard into your own oasis is the trend!

·      Adding roofs and/or screens to porches for more useful space, or building an entire sunroom with folding glass doors, are just a few growing trends we are seeing for enjoyable outdoor living.

·      Don’t forget about incorporating technologies in these areas either – retractable screens, automated lighting, outdoor televisions and entertainment systems are all available for the outdoor room.


Interior Design:

·      For the most part, you can say goodbye to the cool grey tones of 2010-2019.  While not completely gone, you will see much less of the grey on grey.  This year, the Pantone colour of the year is ‘Classic Blue’, a version of dark navy blue. Sherwin Williams colour of the year is ‘Naval’, a navy shade.  Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year is ‘First Light’ described as having a soft, rose hue; it is a neutral pink that could replace beige or white as a neutral background colour. Behr’s colour is ‘Back to Nature’ a yellow-based green described as being the colour of nature via a meadow or field. Simply put natural warmth is in!

·      Although white will likely never be out, the previously popular white and white-on-white is also less on trend. Painting walls, and woodwork/cabinetry the same colour is in with accents on the décor items you add to the room, not on an accent wall.

·      In some rooms contrasting colours can be used. (e.g. black and white tiled floors, with black walls). Be sure not to overdo it - moderation and carefully designed elements are what creates the ‘WOW’ factor. If done right, black and white décor can be timeless.   

·      Even white interior doors are being replaced with painted ones (e.g. black or dark doors with neutral tone trims).  While not in the same way as a well sized and placed art piece will…but a painted door is an inexpensive way to add drama and intrigue to a room.

·      Wallpaper has been back for a few years but the new decade includes even bigger, bolder patterns, newer floral designs, and metallic colours. Wallpaper is not just for the powder room, it is designed to be removable and is being implemented anywhere…just not everywhere! Once again … a little bit goes a long way!

·      Mixed textures will remain a trend. Strategically combining flat surfaces with textures, tapestries, wood and stone walls, for a blend of texture and a touch of nature could add elegance and warmth through contrast in your home. This will be a year of mixing more than just metals; it is a time of mixing mattes with shiny surfaces, old and new, and perfection with imperfection—exemplifying Nature!

·      Layering and mixing the old with the new is a great trend for this year. Items with blemishes or scratches are not being ripped out; they are being considered for the character they add. Stone objects or wood floors that have some distressing, are being carefully combined with newer furniture or modern art pieces for an extraordinary look.  Small scratches or blemishes are no longer a reason to discard/replace something – but instead are seen as a story to tell. Your room becomes your story! Carefully decorate your rooms with special items from your travels… your experiences…or things you may love, and you won’t run out of things to talk about with your guests. Just remember there is a difference between character marks and damage that needs replacement! 



·      You are likely to see the white kitchen designs of 2010 – 2019, substituted with natural woods or beautiful navy, green, red, blue, or grey tones that add an element of warmth or brightness to the kitchen. Whether colour is placed on all cabinets, an island, or just part of the kitchen depends on the room itself, but white is not the only way to go in 2020.  Two-tone cabinets continue to be a trend.

·      Specialty and unique accents are encouraged in 2020. Standard handles will be substituted with artisan one-of-a-kind elements or eliminated altogether. Mixing cabinet hardware is also trending (e.g. same hardware on lower cabinets, different hardware on top cabinets, or specific cabinets)

·      Gold or black faucets, patterned or designer cabinet handles, unique décor elements, and art pieces are being incorporated especially in kitchens to add a touch of personality.  With open concept designs being prevalent, designers are adding prints or designer items to shelves to make the transition from kitchen to living areas seamless.

·      Replacing backsplash tiles in some kitchens with granite or marble slab backsplashes to match the countertop, or large style tiles is the trend for 2020. This is a more expensive option, but if grout is your pet-peeve it may be the way to go. It offers a very clean look.

·      Dual islands and dual sinks are also trending, but this trend only works if the space is large and open. Try not to incorporate either if your space is limited; you would not want to lose valuable countertop area or traffic flow.

·      Shaker style cabinets are still trending, but fixtures and lighting are amping up the glamour effect. Industrial style lighting is being replaced by softer choices.

·      Open shelving is still available but is no longer trending for the average kitchen. Dust on dishes, displayable dishes only, and space being under-utilized is not the way to go in 2020. If you have an expansive kitchen or no room for cabinets however, wall shelves can still be incorporated, and using a contrasting material to your cabinets will keep the concept more current. (e.g. barn board or metal, etc.)

·      Granite and marble will likely be less popular than Quartz. Quartz can mimic marble and it is generally considered to be durable and easy to maintain. Make sure you discuss your needs and the restrictions of any countertop surface with the supplier before you make your decision to install it. Countertops are an expensive product to replace if they don’t meet your needs and lifestyle. Not every product is right for everyone. Pick the one best for your custom renovation, even if it isn’t trending.

·      In the kitchen - over the range microwave hoods will be less popular. Microwaves really should not be the focal point in your kitchen. The stove hood is normally a focal point in most kitchens – so make the hood work with your design. Hidden hoods or stainless stand-alone hoods are most popular.

·      There are many appliance options available when designing your kitchen – ask your appliance center to show you what will work with your custom renovation design and budget. In 2020 appliance options may include technology in fridge doors, dual ovens, and smudge proof/fingerprint resistant finishes. Stainless steel is not the only choice for your appliances—there is also graphite, bronze, and black stainless options depending on the manufacturer. In an open concept design you may be looking for custom cabinet panels to disguise your fridge entirely.    


Bathrooms and Ensuites:


·      Luxury designed ensuites with the free-standing soaker tub, a glass wall curbless shower, wall niches and a shower bench still dominate the ‘wish list’ for most homeowners.  With the stresses of today, this ‘spa-like’ retreat is a trend that is becoming more of a ‘must have’.

·      Homeowners are still renovating to take closet space or extra space from connecting rooms in order to create a larger bathroom or ensuite retreat. Bathrooms are increasing in size as they are no longer just a necessity but a luxury everyone wants.

·      Still trending, floors and shower walls are being covered with large format tiles with a few rows of accent tiles… and bling is still in.

·      Rain head showers combined with handsets and body sprays are the most popular choices for these walk-in showers.

·      Custom niches and benches in tiled showers are also a must have this year.

·      Typical mosaics and subway tiles are no longer trending –they are getting a facelift too!

Completing updates through a custom renovation is a vital part of maintaining your home’s value. Certain elements of any home have a ‘shelf life’, but there is also a time when ‘perfectly good’ cabinets, flooring or other elements need to be revitalized or replaced. It is important to you remember that when you are ready to invest in that facelift, the trends that are in style may not be the trends that will be in style when you are ready to sell your property.  Consider the times, embrace changes, and make educated decisions on what trends to incorporate and what to leave out. While you shouldn’t renovate your home for the next potential buyer down the road, you do need to consider a balance between form and function that would appeal to the largest potential buyer demographic.

Stick to ‘tried and true’ items for the intricate, expensive, and more permanent elements to your home, such as flooring, tile work, cabinetry, trim work, etc.   Paint, furniture, small fixtures, lighting, and other less expensive décor items are great ways to bring in a trend that catches your eye.  Paint has the biggest impact because nothing screams ‘NEW’ like a fresh coat of paint! 

However, a facelift for an aging home usually requires more updates than just paint. Invest in your custom renovation carefully!

If you are looking to renovate or add on to your existing home, call us at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823.  We look forward to working with you to make your existing home your dream home!