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2021: Hindsight - What Do We See Now!

Part 2 – The Years We Are Unlikely to Forget!

With travel restrictions in place for most of 2020 and likely 2021, vacation funds are not in use right now and the need to create our own sanctuaries has become the focus of many homeowners. So, what are we seeing in the industry? Well, we are seeing a new pride being taken in the appearance of our homes, updating of the essential elements, and a new appreciation for family space and retreats. 

The trends for 2021 in turn seem to be focused on making our homes safe, breathing new life into our old spaces, and changing our home’s design and decor into a livable luxury! 

So, where do the trends start?  Here are just a few:

Colour Trends:

  • The Pantone colours for 2021 are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.  While this grey colour and yellow colour are independent and very different from one another, they appear to work in harmony.  Since we find these colours together in nature, Pantone seems to hope that the colours will make us relate to the qualities of nature’s strength and a sunshiny optimism throughout a challenging 2021. Keep in mind that while it is a great message, everyone is affected by colour differently and if you are considering painting a room or your home, pick a colour that is not necessarily trending, but that elicits the best emotions from you.
  • Benjamin Moore chose Aegean Teal as their colour of the year. It will likely be a very hot trend as it is reminiscent of tropical getaways—the colour of pool sides, calm and tranquility.  Combined with warm beiges or yellows, it should provide a warm natural comfort to any room. For some, it will be a colour more suited to throw pillow, cushions, and fabrics, than to walls.
  • Sherwin Williams has selected Urbane bronze as their colour of the year. This bold but warm natural hue can be the neutral in the room, or it can be an accent colour when paired with other neutrals. Its simplicity somehow makes it extraordinary! Just be careful with the use of dark colours in multipurpose rooms, such as those that incorporate an office area. Dark colours can limit space usage (especially for office work) if lighting is not adequately arranged. 

The Pandemic Trends:

  • Staying home all day means more dishes, more food, more beverages, more appliances, more toilet paper and napkins, etc.  Well let’s face it…just plain more!  Extra storage room, smartly designed pantries or slide-out cabinets are a huge trend this year.  During the pandemic, we have learned that stocking up on essentials makes life a little easier, organization in these cabinets and rooms is a must. 
  • In the past, the most under-utilized space in your home was likely under a closed staircase.  Not this year – under-stair renovations are trending.  If you need more storage space, that may be the space that you reclaim. The possibilities are endless – this space is indeed an unrealized commodity that has potential to be a small-home office space, a pantry cupboard, extra storage/closet space, a place for filing cabinets, a library, a pet’s bedroom, wine storage, a child’s club house, a beverage/coffee bar, etc. 
  • If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has shown us the need for choosing surfaces that can be disinfected often and easily.  Countertop surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms need to be able to be disinfected, not just wiped down. Choices for surfaces will likely continue to trend toward quartz, granite, stainless steel, and ceramic tile rather than softer or more porous options.   
  • Kitchen cabinets with hidden hardware can be stunning and are trending this year. But keep in mind that a lack of handles means that hands are directly touching the wooden surfaces of your cabinet doors.  With a focus on cleaning and disinfecting, this trend may not be balanced in form and function for this new era. While the pandemic will end at some point, the need to be vigilant with cleanliness will not! 
  • Air purification has come to the forefront of consideration in our homes and offices.   This trend will likely continue for a long time.  Air purifiers are in great demand this year and are quite hard to come by.  Incorporating plants into the home is becoming a new-old trend.  Faux plants are out, and live plants are in.  Indoor plants not only reaffirm the value of life, and offer a natural décor element, but certain plants are known for their air purifying qualities.  If you are considering plants for your home, consult an expert to ensure that you choose the right ones for your home, family and pets. 
  • Durability and easy to clean fabrics for both indoor and outdoor use are definitely the new trend.  With everyone at home and surfaces being in use all day, and being cleaned more often, furniture, linens, pillows and carpets, need to last. 

Interior Design Trends:

  • The open concept design is still trending as it offers a place for your immediate family to create an all-inclusive fun filled environment. But when the dust settles from a whirlwind of fun, there is undoubtedly a mess that someone needs to clean up. An open concept design should consider multi-functions of the space and incorporate cabinetry, not just for the kitchen, but for each separate function, unique to your family’s lifestyle. The pandemic has also reminded us that when someone is in need of space, separate living spaces are needed for some desired privacy or quiet time. A standard open concept format is not necessarily ideal for those who now work from home!  An efficient open concept design is not just one big room, but an amalgamation of many functioning spaces which include the elements that make them work.
  • Black finishes are still on trend – floor and wall tiles, tubs and other fixtures, furniture, exterior window trim, stone colours, stucco colour, appliances, artwork, etc. are still in high demand.
  • Minimalism is out – Comfort is the trend for 2021.  The reality for 2021 is that creating a safe, comfortable environment that we truly ‘live in’ is the trend of the year!  Traditionally designed over-sized furniture with modern advancements is in. With people home all day, furniture has to be plentiful, comfortable and useful. 
  • Wallpaper is still trending. Peel ‘n’ Stick, easy to install and removable wallpapers are being used throughout the house. The designs are bigger, bolder and modern versions of floral designs or textures. 
  • Mixed textures will remain a trend. Combining textures, colours, metals, mattes and shiny surfaces help create the ideal décor for ‘you’. The beauty, much like in nature, is in the contradictions and the imperfections of different textures – carefully chosen to create perfection. This trend of mixing everything together is one that will likely continue for many years to come, as it speaks to our individualism. Utilizing items handed down from a family member’s home, adds to your uniqueness – so don’t be afraid to do so. Decorate your home with special items you have gathered on your travels, and items of interest to you. You will create a home that is undoubtedly yours!  With this in mind, when we return to having guests in our homes, you and yours will not run out of things to talk about. 
  • Separate game rooms, wine rooms, and playrooms are also a hot trend.  Being at home for the majority of each day, has left many people wanting separate spaces for their different interests.  Having designated spaces designed specifically for each hobby/purpose can almost make it feel like an escape to somewhere else, without actually leaving one’s home.  Careful planning and measurement of space is extremely important when making a game room that includes pool tables, ping pong tables, and other game tables.

Kitchens and Bathroom Trends:

  • Now, more than ever, the luxury bathroom retreat is the trend of the year!  The stand-alone soaker tub, the beautiful tile options, glass walls, wall niches, shower benches and the extra-large walk-in shower with rain head and handset shower heads offer a hotel-worthy spa experience in your own home. Not only is it your retreat, but done right, it can also be a solid investment in your home.
  • Homeowners are still renovating to repurpose adjacent bedroom closet space or extra feet from another connecting room in order to create a larger bathroom or ensuite retreat. Bathrooms are increasing in size as they are no longer just a necessity, but a luxury that everyone wants.
  • White kitchens are not out, but natural woods and painted kitchens are definitely in for 2021. If you indulge in a coloured kitchen, keep in mind that it will be there for a long time, so choose wisely.
  • One-piece backsplashes are definitely on trend as is oversized tile or stone slabs in bathrooms as well. Minimal grout lines are a benefit of this new trend.
  • Bright, bold, backsplashes are also in…white smooth subway tiles are out. Make sure that the patterns and colours you choose will last the test of time and you will grow weary of them quickly.  
  • Dual islands, (one for food prep and one for dining) are also continuing to trend in larger kitchens. This trend does not work in small kitchens.
  • Shaker style cabinet doors are still the rage, but accessories, lighting, countertops, and fixtures amp up the space by adding some glam. (i.e., gold or black metal faucets, unique and handmade handles, specialty décor elements, custom lighting, etc.)
  • Appliances are always advancing in technology, colour, finish, etc. The newest trend is ‘more’ appliances.  Two fridges, two freezers, and additional appliances that turn your home into a barista, ice cream parlour, or pizza shop, etc.

The design trends of 2021 bring about a year of experimentation and certainly a reflection of personality.  It will be filled with our own exploration of colour, textures, visual interest, technologies, hobbies, and the general comforts that are available to us when designing our homes. 

Our homes are no longer just bedroom communities, and it is unlikely that we will have a vacant unused room.  Our homes are now our workplace, our school, our fitness centre, and our favourite restaurant rolled into one. 

2021… well it is going to be as challenging as 2020, but the trends; they are about creating our own version of a safe haven with livable luxury.

If you are looking to renovate or add on to your existing home, call us at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823.  We look forward to working with you to make your existing home your dream home!