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2021 Renovation Trends

What do we see now!  

Well, it is that time of year again where we take a look at what the home trends will be for the year – but this new year is not just another year. We are now one year into a new decade, a decade that has brought with it a pandemic that most of us never fathomed could happen.

We find ourselves looking back at what we used to do, at a lifestyle we used to have … and while we wait for some return to normalcy, we are learning how to adapt our daily lives to this new world that we are experiencing. 

To look forward, we have to look at what 2020 has brought us and in turn taught us. 

The pandemic has influenced the direction of trends in every aspect of our lives – we have gone from having ‘bedroom’ communities to only leaving home when we absolutely have to.

Lockdowns have become the temporary norm and these new restrictions have us reimagining our indoor spaces to meet the needs of our new lifestyle. It has us redesigning our outdoor spaces, as well to create our own little vacation spot for the end of the homeschooling and working from home day. 

The good part though, is that if we do it right, we can be on our own vacation at the end of every day without even jumping on an airplane to get there!

As a result of our changing times, trends have shifted to a sense of self-sufficiency and new ways to express ourselves and our uniqueness. While we may all be wearing masks in public where our individualism can go unnoticed, our homes are becoming a very unique expression of who we are.

When incorporating new trends into your home, take a good look at how they make you feel, as you will be seeing them far more often now than you may have in the past, and not every trend is right for everyone.

So what trends in custom renovations will we be seeing during this second year of a new decade? Well, as it was realized last year – the biggest trend, is still, you!

General Custom Renovation Trends:

  • As a continuation from 2020, the basic and most important trend for 2021 is to add personality – your personality. When you are working, teaching, and relaxing in the same space all day, every day, that space should reflect your uniqueness. And, it should make you happy when you look around. More than ever, this year, there is encouragement to implement a bit of your own self into all areas of the interior and exterior design of your custom renovation.  Not just aesthetically, but remember that it is you who will work and live in this space, therefore, it should support efficiency and the way you function in all aspects of your life.
  • Space is a commodity, and using it effectively to make your home work for you, is in.  Whether you share the space with family members or you live alone in your home, it is vital to not have underutilized space. Waste in 2021 is out of the question! For obvious reasons, multipurpose rooms are trending by necessity in smaller homes. Effective and beautiful designs can help homeowners reclaim wasted space and enjoy their homes through all phases of life, and presently, through COVID-19.  However, when people are renovating their home in 2021, the recent trend is that it’s done with the intent of eliminating multi-purpose rooms and establishing dedicated space for an office, gym, living space, etc.
  • Still prevalent, sustainable materials and energy efficiency in all aspects of interior/exterior design are in high demand and are supported by new building codes. Energy efficiency is a requirement in custom home building and renovations.
  • The ‘smart home’ is becoming the new standard for homes, incorporating technologies into most of your home’s elements is quickly becoming part of most new custom renovations or home designs. Just ensure that you implement effective security practices for these technologies, should you choose to incorporate them into your home.
  • Multi-generational living that is incorporated into new home designs and custom renovations is still on trend, but now also becoming more of a necessity. With the need for affordable family care and affordable home ownership – in-law suites, nanny suites, suites for adult children and their families, and joint home ownership is becoming a trend for many homeowners and a new realization for families. 

Outdoor Living and Rooms:

  • The allure of outdoor living spaces and detached homes is the trend for 2021! While condos are not a thing of the past, the pandemic has made people seriously rethink their lifestyles. With the draw of walking to restaurants, bars, and shopping in a big city now a limited option, many homeowners are pursuing ownership of detached homes within smaller communities in order to attain a little fresh air and green space of their own.  People are opting for outdoor kitchens, pools, or dedicated lawn space for their kids to play outside or to feel a little closer to nature.  The pandemic has generated the desire of many homeowners to experience their own little piece of the great outdoors!
  • The trend of extending the ‘Patio Season’ began in 2020 and is going to be equally prevalent in 2021. Many backyard features that were previously thought of as luxuries have become necessities for today’s homeowners.  Outdoor heaters, fire tables/pits and fireplaces have been, and continue to be, in great demand.  Pools, pool heaters and hot tubs have also kept the industry extremely busy this past year. Making outdoor living spaces as comfortable as indoor spaces is also trending, with the inclusion of outdoor televisions, all-weather speakers and comfortable patio furniture. The need to extend our living spaces to the outdoors will continue to be a very prevalent trend until there is some return to normal visiting and travel opportunities, and perhaps even longer. Vacation money is gone once the vacation is over, but if done right, spending on your own personal retreat may be an investment in your home and its real estate value.
  • Extended patios, covered porches, awnings, sunrooms with screens, and four-season sunrooms with bi-fold glass doors can help extend the outdoor living time season and are included in the plans of many homeowners in 2021.
  • Redefining outdoor spaces with elements that resemble your favourite vacation spots, within budget, helps create your own oasis. Perhaps this includes a little glam, a tropical paradise, a formal garden, or a cottage-like setting – but ultimately, it reflects your idea of a peaceful retreat.  Backyard remodels will likely be one of 2021’s top trends!
  • Greenhouses, backyard vegetable gardens and even indoor herb gardens that allow for more self-sufficiency and provides an outdoor hobby, will also likely trend for some time. 

Updating your house with a custom renovation is a vital part of maintaining your home’s value, because certain elements of every home have a ‘shelf life’.  And while some elements, both inside and outside of your home, may still be ‘perfectly good’, they may have outlived their usefulness for you and your family. 

It is important to remember that when you are ready to reinvest in your home with a custom renovation, the trends that are in style now, may not be the dominant trends when you are ready to sell your property. 

While you shouldn’t renovate your home for the next potential buyer, you do need to consider a balance between form and function that would allow you to express yourself, while still appealing to the next homeowner. Choose carefully!

If you are looking to renovate or add on to your existing home, call us at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823.  We look forward to working with you to make your existing home your dream home!