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2022: Still in Limbo Part 2

With travel restrictions in place for most of the Pandemic, vacation funds have been rerouted into many homeowners’ home improvement funds.  If something good has come from this Pandemic, it would be the new pride being taken in maintaining and updating our homes. The trends for 2022 still seem to be focused on making our homes safe, reinventing our living spaces, and creating a tranquil, staycation spot for our families! We long for the good ole days…even though for many that was just 3 years ago.

Here are just a few of the home trends popular in 2022:

Colour Trends:

  • The Pantone colour for 2022 is Very Peri; a combination of blue and red that demonstrates an exciting, spirited, dynamic periwinkle blue colour. This blue/violet hue can be found in everything, from clothing, accessories, and appliances to nature itself. It is a fresh, vibrant colour that will bring new life to a tired room. Keep in mind that while this colour may bring out the energy in some of us, everyone is affected by colour differently. If you are considering painting a room in your home, pick a colour that elicits the best emotion in you.
  • Benjamin Moore chose October Mist as their colour of the year for 2022.  It will likely be a well-received trend with its subtle sage hue that can be used as a neutral or an accent. This silvery-green colour can be seen in so many of nature’s elements, from flowers to stone, and is suitable to incorporate into many elements within the home.  
  • Sherwin Williams has selected Evergreen Fog as their colour of the year. This grey-green hue is a calming and sophisticated colour. Its simplicity makes it stunning! Much like Benjamin Moore’s October Mist, this grey-green colour can instill a sense of nature within your home and may also be used as a neutral or an accent.

The Pandemic Trends:

  • Since we are still stocking up on essentials, extra storage space and organization cabinetry, storage rooms, and storage furniture is on-trend and remains to be an absolute must.
  • Re-creating the space beneath the stairs is still part of many renovations. Whether it’s for a home office, a pantry, a beverage bar, or extra storage space, no area of the home remains unused.
  • No longer a trend, quartz, granite, stainless steel, and ceramic tile have and continue to be the preferred surfaces in our homes.
  • With costs sky-rocketing and back orders in all industries, homeowners are searching for quality, durability and easy-to-clean items (i.e., fabrics, flooring, appliances, etc.) rather than cheaper, replaceable items. Homeowners are likely to pay a little extra for something that will last longer.
  • Big windows are becoming an absolute must for those that are in their home all day!

Interior Design Trends:

  • The open concept design is no longer a trend…it’s a desire! Working from home has made it necessary to have separate work areas, but at the end of the day, the connectedness of the kitchen and family room seems to create the ambiance that homeowners are looking for.
  • Black finishes are still on-trend for appliances and furniture.
  • With the need to unplug, many people are opting for a space that allows them to relax and get away from it all. Libraries, built-ins, and books are part of the trend. Homeowners are realizing that not everything has to be online.
  • Mixed textures, patterns, and colours are still trending. Tongue and groove ceilings and walls, bold print wallpaper, 3D art pieces, herringbone and chevron pattern floors and tiles, floor-to-ceiling curtains, brick and stone facades, vintage items and many natural elements are being strategically used to create incredibly unique spaces. For some, this year represents a return to tradition and products that feel calming and organic will be in high demand.
  • As many rooms have become multi-functional, homeowners have begun to optimize layered lighting (pot lights, pendants, chandeliers, lamps, etc.) in most rooms.   

Kitchen and Bathroom Trends:

  • It’s no surprise that the luxury bathroom retreat is still the hottest trend of the year… A hotel-worthy spa is becoming a ‘must have’ for most homeowners. Many are using Google, or pictures from their favourite hotel as inspiration for creating their bathroom oasis. If done right, this can be a promising investment as bathroom and kitchen upgrades typically add a sizeable amount to a home’s resale value.   
  • Bathrooms continue to increase in size. These beautiful sanctuaries with walk-in showers and large soaker tubs are no longer a luxury– they are a ‘necessity’ that everyone desires.
  • Two-toned kitchens, mixed materials, coloured cabinetry, one-piece backsplashes, beverage stations, and high-end appliances are all the rage for 2022. 
  • For those with large open concept areas, dual islands (one for food prep and one for dining) are still trending.
  • While the simplicity of the shaker-style cabinet door is still popular among homeowners, the details in the backsplash, counter, lighting, and handles have given increased attention.
  • In 2022, countertop edges are becoming rounded.
  • This year, handle-less kitchen cabinetry is still on-trend. While it may be streamlined and chic, it’s important to note that handles are far easier to wipe down and sanitize.
  • Open shelving is not as popular this year as it simply isn’t a practical use of space for most kitchens.
  • Pantries have become bigger and more organized. In fact, in 2022, pantries resemble more of a room, than a cupboard. These new pantries or larder cupboards as they are sometimes called, are not just for food storage… They can also be utilized for storing appliances homeowners have accumulated over the last two years to ensure that they could make just about everything at home. (i.e., bread makers, ice cream makers, pizza ovens, etc.)
  • Appliances are always advancing in technologies, colours, finishes, etc. The newest trend is ‘more’ appliances. Two fridges, two freezers, two dishwashers, and additional appliances that transform your home into a barista or pizza shop, whether indoors or outdoors, are popular among homeowners this year.
  • In 2022, it’s all about a cleaner line of cabinetry. Concealed appliances and drawer appliances are exceptionally rated this year.

In 2022, the design trend is still one of personal uniqueness. When designing your house, you will most likely incorporate things that reflect who you are, make your life a little easier, and provide you with a sense of tranquility in this ever-changing world. All of 2022’s trends are about creating a luxe, but practical retreat. 

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