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Bathroom Renovations - Where Necessity Meets Luxury

What can be said about a bathroom – Well, every home needs to have one… but it doesn’t have to just be practical! 

The scope of a bathroom renovation, like other renovations, depends on the individual homeowner’s physical and functional needs, style, space restrictions, and budget. There are bathroom renovations that simply update the existing space with new flooring, fixtures, lighting, and painting; then there are those that are more involved. Some consist of substituting a pocket door for a swing door, while others may require the procurement of space from an adjoining closet or room, or even creating an addition to gather enough square footage to turn that existing bathroom into a dream retreat. 

A big trend in bathroom transformations is to encompass that “spa-like” feel and manufacturers have created a vast array of functional and beautiful fixtures to accommodate today’s bathrooms and ensuites. Natural stone tiles and countertops, glass, curbless and steam showers, body sprays, rain heads, soaker tubs, electronic faucets, wall hung toilets, and floating vanities are just a few of the many popular choices.  Tiled floors can be heated and so can towel bars.  Making selections can be overwhelming, but always keep in mind that quality, durability, and ease of maintenance help maximize your investment.

What turns a practical bathroom into a luxurious Zen-like retreat, however, is not just the extraordinary fixtures that can be installed; it is the interior design –the inspired collaboration of texture, colour, form, and function…without it, the room simply maintains its “essential” status, nothing more! 

One important thing to consider in any custom bathroom renovation is that many existing bathrooms may not have proper ventilation.  Correcting this should be a priority. Keeping your bathroom mould-free is essential to your health and your investment; so the bathroom fan and where applicable the window should be an integral part of the renovation.

As with a kitchen renovation, which you can read about here, it is important to remember that before you can enjoy your new tranquil retreat; you may be without a working bathroom for a few weeks.  Timing is everything!  If you don’t have a second bathroom to use during this downtime, you may need to make plans to stay elsewhere.

At Vanderzalm Construction Inc., we are experts in custom bathroom renovations. We have the expertise to help you with the planning and creativity that can transform your existing bathroom into your own personal sanctuary!  Call us today at (905)562-4463 or email us at info@vanderzalm.ca