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Be our Guest? What to do with that New Spare Room

A spare room and not knowing what to do with it, now that is a problem some people would love to have. But for others, this is a real dilemma and for many something that does in fact happen at some point down the road. Children move out leaving unused bedrooms dining rooms are being abandoned for the family-friendly eat in kitchen, sunrooms just aren’t used for most of the year, and then there is the basement that is simply unused because it is a basement or undefined space.

But these rooms do not have to remain wasted space; think completely outside of the box—what would you really love to do with that space? This is prime real estate located in your own home that can be used for that personal luxury you have always dreamed of.

Sure, if one is needed, a spare bedroom can be easily converted into the guest room with perhaps a couple of coats of fresh paint and a new comforter. You may even want to make more extensive renovations to accommodate your guests like creating an ensuite, or sitting area. But if you don’t have guests regularly, perhaps you want to utilize that space for yourself or your family members in a completely new way.

Ask yourself, if you would want to turn this unused area into a personal home office, library, music room or studio for hobbies. Subject to city by-laws, it may be possible to adjust window sizes to capture more light, incorporate French doors to a deck or patio for added openness, install insulation to reduce sound, change doors, or open walls to transform the room’s purpose completely. Closets could be removed and replaced with custom cabinetry or bookcases to make the room more functional. What was previously your spare bedroom could now be transformed into your own personal retreat.  

Perhaps, you may want to reclaim that space by integrating it into your own new master bedroom plan. Combining bedrooms and reconfiguring layouts can give you the opportunity to have an enviable luxury hotel-inspired suite. Now just may be the time to treat yourself.

Sunrooms can be renovated to become extensions of your kitchen or family room, or they can be transformed into studios for yoga, music, or hobbies, etc. They can also be remodelled to create a planting room/mud room for the horticulture enthusiast.

Assuming that your basement has sufficient height and no major issues, this space can become almost anything you want it to be. Depending on your location there may be city by-law restrictions or regulations regarding bedrooms, egresses, and window/door installations. Before considering a renovation to your basement, check for possible restrictions with your city building department in advance.

If restrictions aren’t an issue, cutting in bigger windows, adding a walkout or installing beams to open up areas can turn that once neglected basement space into a centre for entertainment, a guest or nanny suite, or again perhaps a home gym, yoga or music studio to share with friends and family. Even if a walkout is not feasible, a basement can be renovated to feel as warm and welcoming as the rest of your home and make you look at this space in a completely different way.

Perhaps you want to incorporate a beverage centre, an extra kitchenette, a games and media area, or a spa-like ensuite into your soon-to-be reclaimed space. The possibilities shouldn’t be left to your imagination--make them a reality! If you want to reclaim your space and build your dream room, contact Vanderzalm Construction Inc. at (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823 for a quotation to today.