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Best Before 01-01-2019 - The Trends to Watch... Part 2

So, if your home is starting to look dated you are probably watching the current trends. While some have become less ‘trendy’ and more of a must have; some will last a few years and gradually cycle again down the road.  Then, others are here today and gone tomorrow in this age of ‘disposable décor’. It is almost impossible to predict what will happen over time.  All we can be sure of is that there will be another trend that we will like because our tastes change.  That being said, choose carefully – you may want an affordable avenue to incorporate a trend that inspires you to display your personal style, and be sure to invest in timeless choices for bigger elements of your home. 

Here are some of the expected trends this year:

General design:

  • Well, as we have seen for the last several years, the open concept design is still very prevalent in today’s home and renovation designs. Instead of being considered ‘trendy’ at this point we need to acknowledge that the open concept is the new way for today’s family and social dynamic—everyone sharing a space and being involved. What appears to be noticeable though is that it is not necessarily about expansive rooms as much; people are opting for open but cozier spaces.  A place they can feel enveloped with sophisticated, luxurious comfort in their sanctuary.
  • Now a priority, energy efficiency is not a trend. Mandated through building code requirements for new builds and renovations, energy efficiency is being taken very seriously. Homeowners are also requesting sustainable materials, grey water recovery systems, hot water on demand, and greater efficiency for appliances and LED lighting systems to keep their energy costs and carbon footprints to a minimum.
  • Again, this year landline telephones will likely not be in high demand.  Many homeowners are opting to use just their cell phones and are incorporating wi-fi and/or hardwired lines for the newest technologies and the creation of the “smart home”.  Apps on a cell phone can control security cameras/systems, appliances, climate control, window coverings, lighting, entertainment systems, and access to homes, and these are often all part of new designs.


  • Colours of the year – The pantone colour for 2019 is Living Coral – 16-1546, described by Pantone as ‘a coral hue with gold undertones. ’The Benjamin Moore colour of the year is Metropolitan AF-690, a subtle grey.  Benjamin Moore has also unveiled a series of 15 coordinating colours in the their 2019 colour palette. The Sherwin Williams colour of the year is ‘Cavern Clay and Behr’s is ‘Blueprint’. The palettes seem to be designed with a more calming warmth than previous years…perhaps for a tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of our current lifestyles.
  • Mixed metals will still be trending.  Although rose gold is being replaced with easier to incorporate warmer metals like subtle gold, black, pewter, copper, silver, or nickel shades.

Interior Décor:

  • The elegance will likely be brought in this year by wallpaper and mural selections on walls, velvet on sofas, chairs, and bedroom linens, luxury carpet materials, and a mixture of modern and vintage accents, with one of a kind artisan pieces such as lighting pendants, custom cabinet handles, chandeliers, décor ornaments, tables, etc.  Something as simple as a velvet throw pillow can amp up the style and make a room more luxurious.
  • No longer stashing away those prized possessions – display of those artisan pieces - specialty vases, boxes, ‘one of a kind’ finds.  They are going to be incorporated in the kitchen design and the rest of the house in 2019.  
  • Wallpapers made a comeback in 2018 and it is carrying into 2019 as well. Many new wallpapers and furniture materials have exaggerated proportions of florals and bold colours. Some popular wallpapers have gradual changes in lines and colour, or a single texture paper creating a calming environment.  And then there is the photo illusions, modern murals, and metallics that are also big this year. 
  • On the opposite spectrum, rooms are also being designed for sophistication by using a monochromatic collage of warm neutrals with mixed textures-- Using warmer embracing tones of beige instead of grey from previous years.  Beige may sound boring, but paint stores have developed shades of it that resemble ancestral golds, linen, sandy beaches, caramelized, etc. Just a change of name, takes ‘beige’ to a whole new level of warmth and interest.  Grey is not out … after all, Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year is grey.
  • Ceilings again are being adorned with crown mouldings, wallpaper, paint colour and wood moulding embellishments or beams instead of the standard white ceiling in 2019.
  • Concrete can be used for floors, countertops, wall décor and backsplashes. Don’t want to commit to that? Well, concrete finishes are not for everyone…and they last for a long time!  Choose carefully.
  • The focus for interior design will be less on the tech look and more on tranquility of spaces in our homes – softer, luxurious, warmer surroundings. Using less signage or word art and more paintings and colours, antiques and mixtures of vintage and modern. An appreciation of the past and recycling seems to be prevalent. 


  • While white for bathrooms will always be the traditional choice for luxury, in 2018 and 2019 black tiles and fixtures may be achieving a dark luxurious look in both traditional and modern styles - that can be unequaled in elegance if done properly. High end luxury ensuites are still a trending indulgence for 2019.
  • Floating vanities that make small rooms look larger or less cluttered are a continuing trend. They come in a variety of sizes for powder rooms or larger contemporary ensuites.
  • Soaker tubs, accent tiles, and luxury bathrooms with walk-in glass showers, and built-in shower caddies, niches, benches are still in high demand. Homeowners are still expropriating spaces from connected rooms to enlarge their bathrooms and create a tranquil retreat.

Outdoor rooms:

  • Making use of outdoor space at the end of a summer workday and on weekends has brought outdoor rooms from trendy to a must have in some form. Here in Niagara many people love to sit on their decks or patios and share drinks and good food with their family and friends when they have time to spare.  Not all of these spaces have the latest and greatest outdoor features, but many home owners are looking to make their backyards into an extension of their living space.  Because of that, many appliances for an indoor kitchen can be found in a version for an outdoor kitchen.  An area to dine, and relax are often formed around an outdoor fireplace or firepit. The right outdoor furniture can be as comfortable as indoor furniture.   Just remember we do have winter and snow and ice is a factor—choose carefully and keep in mind storage.
  • We are also seeing more homeowners looking to extend the useful life of their patios by adding roofs, screened in porches or converting entirely to a sunroom with folding glass doors for an open-air feeling.
  • Large flagstone and tiles for outdoor patios are still trending.


  • For years, there have been a lot of marble accents available.  It is unlikely that marble will ever go out of style, but there can be too much of a good thing.  Be selective – don’t overdo marble.  Too much marble can make the ‘look of class’ you may be going for appear to be the opposite. Marble can look amazing but keep in mind it requires maintenance.
  • Kitchens with clean countertops continue to trend, so appliance garages and countertops that charge phones without cords are being incorporated to achieve the desired ‘uncluttered’ effect. Two-toned painted cabinets, mixed materials for cabinets and countertops (eg. quartz and butcher block countertops, stainless/metal and painted wood cabinets etc.), and farmhouse sinks, unique tiles are creating a whole new personalized look for kitchens.Open shelves, deep drawers instead of cupboards, and single level cabinetry are all options increasing in popularity as well. Drawers instead of cupboards can be especially useful!You may want to tread carefully as these items are all investments and are not necessarily easy to change.
  • For years now, white shaker style kitchen cabinets have been popular— 2019 is no exception.   But this year, you will likely see more pops of colour added to white kitchens via painted islands or pantry cabinets, etc.  You may even see white cabinets being entirely replaced with navy blue ones, or black, cream, green, olive or reddish tones.  Some finishes are steering away from shiny to a more matte or powdery finish.  Once again, if your budget does not include granite or quartz, there are exceptional laminate designs that look like the real thing but are far more budget conscious.  Surfaces not only need to be fashionable; they need to be easy to maintain.  Quartz remains popular again this year.
  • Kitchen cabinets, sinks, and faucets are all becoming available in bold painted colours. If the past is indicative of the future, this trend will change. Therefore, be cautious with where you place bold colour—it is sometimes better to incorporate it on a wall that is easily painted, or in accessories that can be easily changed. You may want to choose colours for large ticket items carefully in order to protect your investment. 
  • Kitchen sinks, notably aren’t usually that interesting to most, but the trends increasing in popularity will certainly change that.  Sinks in a variety of colours are popular already, sinks with metallic accents or imprinted patterns are also popular, deep sinks, farm style ones and separate sinks for food and washing of dishes are not new but still desired.  Not new as well, but certainly increasing in desire is the incorporated counter and sink work station which is a whole level above other sinks.  These stations include an inset sink that can be disguised when not in use – this is particularly convenient for condo owners or those that entertain a lot.  This option enables a person to turn their island into a dinner party food or workstation by covering their sink with coordinating sliding or removable cutting boards, ice trays, condiment or garnish serving board dishes, cover systems, etc. The kitchen sink does not have to be a hinderance to your counterspace needs.

Appliances and Technology:

  • Appliances are still popular in stainless steel, but there are options for dark matte ones that decrease the appearance of fingerprints.  Appliances in commercial grades are available for home kitchens still.  Some are high tech much like everything else; There are touch and swipe controls for induction stoves, steam ovens that are gaining in popularity, sync’d appliances so that everything works together for efficiency and a perfectly timed meal, Bluetooth kitchen accessories, retro designs on modern appliances, viewable and smart fridges with phone apps, etc.  Technology will always be trending –since it is ever evolving. 
  • Apartment size appliances are becoming more readily available for condos, nanny suites, in-law suites, etc.   
  • The kitchen hood fan will likely be a concealed one in 2019…making your kitchen design more seamless.
  • Light switches and outlets are not new, but now available in smart options that work with your phone and security systems, and options for ‘no touch’ switches-- just a ‘wave of your hand’, there are more choices for home owners to make.  There are also choices for different finishes for plate covers instead of the traditional standard ones. 

Tile Work:

  • Subtle patterns and subway tiles are less popular than in the past several years. They are being replaced by more modern bold, intricate, and unique patterned tiles. Backsplashes and floors are big investments.  If you want to make an impact with tiles, you may want to use bolder tiles as a focal point above a stove or in one area of the kitchen backsplash (if possible), but use a subtler coordinating tile elsewhere--in case you choose a pattern and colour that you tire of easily.  Less is sometimes more!
  • The other option for backsplashes is metal tiles or sheets. These are not a new trend…they are holding fast. Gold and copper are the key colours for 2019, but other metallic options are also available. 


  • Still in 2019, colourful exterior doors are trendy. Door handles are more expensive and less traditional in shape and finish.  ‘Smart’ options for keyless entries seem to be more popular this year.  If replacing your exterior door(s), you may want to look for multipoint locks for greater security.  Glass interior doors and walls appear to be increasing in popularity in 2019.


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