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Best Before 01/01/2019 - Everything has a shelf life! Part 1

Wow! Has a whole year passed by again? … it seems like just yesterday that we were looking at what the trends would be for 2018.  Where does the time go?

Well, while we may still be reminiscing about all the wonderful times we have had with family and friends during the holiday season, we are also being inundated with ideas of what trends this year will bring and how we would love to update our homes.  After all, no matter how much time, effort or money was invested in your interior or exterior décor, it will at some point become dated and a look that you have outgrown.  

Updating is an important part of maintaining your home’s value. Not only do certain elements of a home have a ‘shelf life’, so to speak but there is also a time where ‘still sturdy’ cabinets or flooring and other elements start to look their age, and need to be revitalized or replaced. It is simply a matter of time before certain parts of a home need a facelift.

When you are ready to invest in that ‘facelift’ for your home, just remember that the trends of this year, may not be what is in style next year…or when you go to sell your property.

Home interiors are changing.  If this is not your ‘forever’ home, then it is vital to understand that when making your selections you will need to embrace the changes that are occurring in your area. Some structural changes may be important to consider if you have plans of redoing a room like the kitchen or bathroom. Investing in cabinetry but not ensuring that the layout will be appropriate for the next owner is likely a costly mistake. Consider the times…and embrace the changes. We have moved from compartmentalized homes to open concept or just a greater focus on the kitchen being the heart of the home! Bathrooms are equally important to update with a balance between form and function that will appeal to all.

When making selections, it is best to choose ‘tried and true’ items for the intricate or expensive and more permanent elements to your home, such as flooring, tile work, cabinetry, trim work, etc.   Kitchen cabinets, however, are not the best way to incorporate trends that may or may not last.  Kitchens and bathrooms have a direct impact on the resale value of a home--While yours may reflect your specific love for colour and/or pattern, and beloved era… that trend may decrease your potential buyer demographic.   Choose carefully!

Paint, furniture accents, small fixtures, some lighting, and other less expensive décor items are a good way to bring in something that catches your eye and is trending this year. Paint is one of the simplest ways to update a home. It won’t change the amount of space you have or its functionality, but nothing screams ‘NEW’ like fresh paint! But a facelift of a home that has aged, usually requires more updates than just paint.

A faucet may actually be expensive in the overall scheme of things, but is usually relatively easy for a licensed plumber to change at a later date should you wish to do so. Lighting fixtures are also a way you could incorporate trendy items or make your home reflect more of your personal style. If you go to sell later and your lights are one of a kind items that you just love, before putting your home on the market, you could get a licensed electrician to change the fixtures to ones greater suited to a larger demographic.  Think Ahead! 

If you have just purchased your home, it is a good idea to establish a separate ‘home improvement’ savings account for the ‘one day’ major makeovers that you are going to need. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most used rooms in our homes—by the residents and our guests! Therefore, it also goes to reason that they will also be the first rooms to appear dated. These rooms have the most fixtures, appliances, and cabinetry so undeniably they are also the most expensive rooms to update. If this home is in an area that you just love, your ‘one day’ plans may include an addition at some point to keep your home growing with your unique needs.  Planning and saving is a must for a home owner!

If you plan to stay in your home for a great deal of time, it is likely that you will be updating your home again before you do sell.  You may feel that this may give you a bit more time to keep true to your personal style now, but keep in mind that ‘Life Happens’ and people’s tastes change… It is still best to keep to the ‘tried and true’ for expensive elements, so that you can embrace the trends in other areas as often as you choose and can afford to do so.

If you are looking to renovate or add on to your existing home, call us at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823.  We look forward to working with you to make your existing home your dream home!