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Chores, Chores and More Chores, and some of them fall from the sky

Or at least they fall from the trees!  The temperatures have dropped, and the leaves are turning colours and falling to the ground…this is the true sign that fall is really upon us.  Here in the Niagara Region the sight is stunning, the pictures are breathtaking, and the maintenance is real!  With the everlasting Covid Pandemic, it is likely that you have already begun your regular maintenance for fall, or you have been keeping up with it throughout the year as a means of staying occupied.  If so…that is fantastic!  If not, well it is now time to get started. 


Keep in mind that fall maintenance is more that just raking leaves and cleaning up gardens.  The list for fall can be a lengthy one, depending on your property.  And, since weather is usually unpredictable at this time of year, it is important that you get started before the elements make it impossible for you to complete your tasks.  Start with the weather dependent items first and don’t be hesitant to ask your family members for help!  If you can make a game of it…you may get each task done more quickly and you’re secretly teaching the next generation of home owners what they will need to know to protect their own home one day.

  • Perhaps, make raking a friendly competition.
  • Establish a reward that everyone can enjoy. (winner’s choice of take out, game night, or a movie?)


Every home has unique elements – don’t just rely on a single maintenance list.  You will need to do a thorough inspection of all areas of your home to establish trouble spots.   If you are not licensed to do so, please find a licensed professional for tasks that require specialized skills (e.g., chimney cleaning, electrical or plumbing repairs/maintenance).  Some projects are not DIY!  Accidents and injury can be prevented.


By maintaining your home in a timely manner, you can protect it and in turn your home can protect you…providing reliable comfort from the cold when winter arrives.  We live in the Niagara Region—winter is inevitable! 


Since outdoor activities are certainly the safest ones to do during a Pandemic, get organized and get started today on those chores, and then enjoy the beauty of Niagara in autumn.  It is spectacular!   Stay Safe!

Check out the complete maintenance list here


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