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Custom Renovations Provide a Facelift for Your House!

Custom Renovations Provide a Facelift for Your House!

With life being a series of phases – growing or shrinking family dynamics and ever-changing lifestyles, sometimes we simply outgrow our house…or it stops feeling like home!  

For some, the simple answer is to move or build elsewhere… but for others, moving is simply out of the question.  Whether it is because they cannot bear to leave their neighbours, whom over time have become great friends, or they just love the general tranquility or maturity of their neighbourhood, the possibility of moving does not exist.  Perhaps, there reasoning is more about logistics and proximity to work, the babysitter, a particular school, the mall, or the nearest city centre.  For whatever the reason for not moving, a custom renovation can be the answer.

Some homes may need a kitchen, bathroom, or open concept renovation to resolve an inner functionality issue. For others, the problem will only be resolved by adding on or up.  And for many, the years have passed by and updating the exterior of the home is a must. It may even be all three!

Most homeowners will invest in what they consider to be the heart of the home—the kitchen.  After all most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen—hence, the term.  Most interior deficiencies are easily noticed, but often far too little thought is given to the importance of the homes’ exterior until it is too late.  Some homeowners spend little time in their yards, so they don’t notice the wear and tear of the exterior until their home truly looks dated. 

What we need to keep in mind is that what really makes a house a home is the comfort that envelopes us when we are there—it comes from the trust we place on our home to keep us safe, warm and dry. After every years of temperature extremes in the Niagara region, it is no wonder that we can see that the exterior elements of our homes, much like other products, do have a “shelf life.”

Deteriorating facades are not just superficial… breakage, cracks, and rot affect the integrity of the building envelope which is the very structure of the home.  Where there are cracks, there can be a pathway for water to leak in and mould to grow – it is essential to your health and investment to keep your home mould-free.

Therefore, just as we make efforts to rejuvenate ourselves, over time it is also necessary to breathe new life into a tired home.  So, how does one do that through a custom renovation? 

v  Well, making sure that your roof is sound and re-shingled when needed (which is before a leak occurs) is imperative to protecting your coveted living space. 

v  An exterior renovation with new energy efficient windows and doors can also be an opportunity to enhance your indoor space by improving your views and allowing you to capture more natural light.

v  By refreshing or rethinking the exterior façade you can achieve so much.  Exterior renovations can simply be an update of similar materials (shingles, siding, stucco, doors, windows, soffit, fascia, or trough, etc.) or they can include changes to the cladding for ease of maintenance or to encompass an entirely new look.  Changing old siding to a stucco and/or stone façade could significantly improve a home’s curb appeal.  Or visa-versa, replacing old stucco with siding and stone can enhance the character of your home.  With the texture and dimension created by a new stone façade, your home could be transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary – a visually stunning or endearing transfiguration.

v  Exterior renovations can turn a simple bungalow into a dream home.  By changing the façade, the roof line, or adding to the structure, an entirely different style can be achieved—whether it is Cape Cod, English Tudor, French provincial, country ranch, cottage-like, or contemporary, etc.  The ideas can be endless and your home can become a unique reflection of you.

v  Architectural enhancements add charm and character to a home.  Elements like decorative details, decks, wrap around porches, gazebos, fences, partition walls, retaining walls, and new walkouts, or outbuildings can help you reclaim your outdoor space and create a harmonious transition to a new outdoor room.  Space is a commodity—recapture yours!

v  The reconstruction of walkways and/or driveways can not only improve safety and function, but could define the entry way, greeting friends and relatives with style.

v  Making strategic and aesthetically pleasing changes for accessibility through a custom renovation can be the difference that makes one feel truly at home. 


Your home may be the biggest investment you will make—do not forget that it requires maintenance.  “Curb appeal” is essential, not just for your neighbour, a passerby, or your investment, or a potential buyer, but for you.  Imagine yourself walking up the sidewalk to that dream home that you always wanted, at the house you have always had. So much is possible – We, at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. can transform your ordinary home into an extraordinary retreat...the home of your “happily ever after”.