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Fall ... Its coloured leaves reflect a time for home maintenance

Fall ... Its coloured leaves reflect a time for home maintenance

Fall is here…the leaves are turning colours and falling—a sure sign that at the very least there is raking to do!  But that is just one of many tasks you need to schedule in –the weather at this time of year can be unpredictable and it is vital to complete regular home maintenance before Mother Nature prevents it. 

Home maintenance checklists may seem overwhelming by the mere number of things to consider.  By completing the weather-dependant essentials first, you have an opportunity to complete the rest in due time. For example, you want to find areas with potential for water leaks, before dripping starts.

For some items, where you may not be qualified to safely fix the issue, hiring a professional is what is needed. (e.g. chimney cleaning, electrical or plumbing repairs/maintenance, etc.).  For others, a thorough inspection helps determine what areas of your home need attention or repairs and what areas are fine at this time.  

A little organization can help you get through your home maintenance requirements and on to enjoying beautiful Niagara in autumn… Thanksgiving usually brings so many events and wonderful outdoor colours in our area.  It is a wonderful time to share with family and friends.  So, put your investment and home’s comfort first… Start today on your fall home maintenance and enjoy the rest of autumn before winter takes hold!   

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