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Frequently Asked Questions

If they are asked often enough to be considered 'frequent' then perhaps we should address a few of them:

1. Can we take out a wall in our house?

Well…the short version is likely to be yes almost anything is possible…depending on how much your budget will allow.

Removing bearing walls is different than removing a non-bearing wall.  A bearing wall removal will require engineering of beams and permit approval, which is more complicated and expensive than removing a non-bearing wall. Removing a wall, bearing or non-bearing, also means that there are likely repairs needed for flooring, drywall, painting, etc.  Most walls have electrical switches or outlets to consider and sometimes they contain mechanical or plumbing runs too. So, removing walls is not usually a DIY project. One of the main renovations that we do is combining spaces to make a larger room, create an unobstructed room, or making an open concept in a previously compartmentalized home. 

2. Does Vanderzalm Construction Inc. install doors and/or windows?

Absolutely…We can install your ‘Owner supplied’ doors/windows or we can provide supply and installation services for new/replacement windows and/or doors.  If your budget does not allow for all your windows and doors to be replaced at once, we can help you assess which ones are in the greatest need of repair and which ones you can budget for over time. 

3. If we want to do a renovation/addition, how soon can we start?

Start times for a project may depend on several of the following variables being in place:

Completion of Plans, if applicable.
Permit applications, if applicable.  Turn-around times can vary.
Rural and/or near escarpment properties may also need Niagara Escarpment Commission approval, Health Department permits for cistern and septic, Niagara Conservation Authority approval, etc.
Exceptions to set backs or sizes could mean applying for a minor variance with the applicable town or city.

In addition, timing is everything especially with regard to bathroom and kitchen renovations.  Demolition timing is carefully coordinated with the expected arrival times and installation dates of fixtures cabinetry, flooring, and/or appliances, windows or doors (if applicable), specialty orders, etc. so that downtime can be minimized. 

There is no one specific answer to a general question like this… but if we are providing you with a quotation, we will certainly address the steps involved for your project and discuss timing with you.  

At Vanderzalm Construction Inc., we are experts at custom homes and renovations/additions in the Niagara Region...Call us today at 905-562-4463 or 905-684-5823.  We look forward to building your dreams into reality.