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Hidden Rooms ... The "Scooby-Doo" Door.

If you have ever watched the original Scooby-Doo cartoons, you know that with every mystery there was a hidden room, space, or passageway to be discovered…or rather there was a disguised door. 

Well secret passages are not unique to cartoons; they can be found in many castles and century old homes.  Newer version of these rooms in modern day houses have been designed to include panic/safe rooms, storm cellars, or just an intriguing way of guaranteeing some much desired seclusion or needed security.

The hidden room is not a thing of the past; it seems to be making a comeback.  Perhaps, it has become a decorative trick to maximize wall storage space in one room, while still allowing access to another.   Offices, libraries and family rooms are a great place to take advantage of this structural element.  Instead of working around a door opening with cabintry and loosing valuable storage space…it is possible to create a door using a wall unit/book shelf.  The look appears seamless and is a fascinating conversation starter if it is information that you are going to share with your guests.  This door could lead to a powder room, hallway or cigar/wineroom … or perhaps it leads to a private office or a storage room for valuables that will remain your little secret.   These types of doors can also be used to disguise a laundry room that must remain in an area of the home that is less than desirable to the home owner.  What you don’t see, won’t bother you! 

I can imagine that children would love a hidden door to a secret playroom maybe even more than a tree fort that is only utilized in the summer … and lets face it, hiding the mess of toys that have not been put away is even a fantasy of most parents too.

Hidden doors can be more than just bookshelves or wall units…they can be stone covered, have a brick façade, or even a mirror or piece of art that disguises their existence.  Doors can be located in a cabinet, a floor or even in a staircase.  The internet is filled with examples of what has been done to create a secret place.

While there are definitely function based reasons to add a hidden or disguised door to a specific room, it is hard to overlook the really obvious draw…for many this is just an awesome childhood fantasy come true.

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