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Memories and Culinary Masterpieces

If done right, your kitchen renovation could be creating the biggest return on investment for your home. To ensure this, there are many factors to consider when renovating your kitchen. 

If the house has a working fridge, stove/oven, sink and prep space, technically you have what you need to cook there! But in this modern world, most homeowners want more.  The kitchen is not a utility room as it may have been way back when. It is for most, the heart of their home, and therefore most homeowners concentrate their efforts to make it just perfect! This is where they will create their own culinary masterpieces, nurture family dynamics, and make memories with all those that join them in their home. With every kitchen comes an abundance of stories and hopefully a lot of love!

As the primary family gathering place, it is imperative to consider personal tastes, your unique lifestyle, available space, and of course, budget, when designing or redesigning your kitchen. Here are just a few things to consider when planning your custom kitchen.

  1. First and foremost be realistic with your budget. You will need to balance your wants and needs within that budget. It will be necessary to itemize everything for your wish list, before determining if your budget will work.
    • Will you be changing the location or design of your current kitchen? If so, will you need plumbing and/or electrical relocations? 
    • Are you opening up your space to make it an open concept? Are those walls structural walls? 
    • Are you considering new or additional windows and exterior doors? 
    • Do you need new appliances? If so, look for appliances that are energy efficient (e.g., dishwashers and hood fans).
    • Will your budget allow you to incorporate little luxuries like a specialty coffee station, bar fridge, ice maker, expansive pantry cupboard, etc.?
    • Is an island an option? If so, you will also need to consider chairs in your budget.
    • What type of countertop are you looking for? Quartz, granite, marble, etc. are highly desired choices. Countertops also come in many price ranges.  
    • What type of cabinets do you want? Paintable grade, custom made, prefabricated, shaker style, raised panel doors, specialty cabinets, etc., are just a few of the decisions you will need to make. There are many choices to be made with cabinetry and hardware.
    • Will there be a separate table and chairs for dining in the kitchen? Does this need to be added to your budget?
    • Whatever your personal tastes, you will need to realistically determine if your wishes can be met by your means.  


  1. Are you renovating for better aesthetics or for an opportunity to redesign your existing space to better suit your lifestyle?  Most often homeowners are adding extra space to the heart of their home, via an addition, or expropriating square footage from another room to create an open concept kitchen with a dining or living area. Others may be simply trying to improve the functionality of their kitchen area by incorporating more cabinetry or redesigning it.


  1. Choices in countertops are not just based on budget and colour. There are several factors that should be considered:
    • Natural stones are highly sought after. Obviously, they make beautiful countertops. But natural stones can have variations, either subtle or significant.  If possible, make a purchase of a stone slab that is already in stock, versus ordering from a sample. This way you know exactly what you are getting.
    • Quartz, glass, and synthetic options for countertops can also add to the beauty of your new kitchen. 
    • Consider not only your budget, but also the pros, and cons, of each option when choosing your ideal countertop.


  1. Tile, flooring, cabinets and countertops are expensive investments. When making your choices for these items, always ensure that you choose the elements of your kitchen not only for form but also for function – your function. Your kitchen must work for you! Trends come and go so you may want to consider elements from timeless trends vs. a current fad so that you can love your kitchen forever or when necessary, maximize resale value.


  1. We often say “It is all in the details” … And it is. Kitchens have many details and it is necessary for you to consider all of the things that will make this kitchen your dream space.
    • Soft-close cabinet hardware.
    • Unique hardware and handles that set off the cabinetry. This can be an opportunity for you to add your own personal flair in a subtle but important way.
    • Countertop edge designs –rounded (bullnose, half-moon, etc.) for aesthetics and safety, pencil, drop down, ogee, chiseled, beveled, etc.  The edge reflects the style. (i.e., modern, rustic, traditional, classical, bold, etc.)
    • Sink styles, faucets, pot fillers, and drinking water faucets all have a purpose, but you also want them to look good for a long time. Sinks and faucets are the most used element of your kitchen. Sinks typically have two sides, designed for washing dishes… or having a pan washing side and a food rinsing side. One oversized and one smaller side is more efficient than two equal ones. Faucets and sinks come in many finishes…some easier to clean and maintain than others. Chrome will shine up brightly while other finishes may begin to look tarnished over time, or just dull. Choose carefully.  
    • Backsplashes – Will they be subtle or more impressive in material choice, design, colour, or pattern?    
    • Lighting – there are many lighting options to consider. You will need working lights and ambient lighting to create a beautiful kitchen. There are many choices in warm and white light options, and you will need to design a strategic lighting plan. It may include a combination of some of the following: recessed lighting, under-counter lighting, pendant lighting, ceiling panels, flush mounts, chandeliers, over-the-sink lighting, toe kick lighting, etc.
    • Specialty cabinets, spice drawers, vegetable storage, tray holders, appliance drawers/garages, knife storage, accessibility options for hard-to-reach spaces, drawers vs doors, garbage and recycling centers, islands vs. peninsulas, etc. are all part of the kitchen design. 
    • Appliances are one of the most important parts of kitchen design. Make sure you have selected your appliances before creating your final design. Measurements matter!   Work with the design. Gas lines, electrical outlets, and water lines for your appliances must be in place before the walls are finished and the cabinets are installed. Make sure you consider the size of your family and your lifestyle before selecting appliances. Do you need an extra dishwasher if you have a larger family or one that entertains a lot? Do you want to consider induction cooking if you have small children?  Fingerprints show…choose wisely!  Deal with an appliance centre that will take the time to educate you on the appliances and listen to what you really need.
    • Windows and door coverings are often an after-thought. But they are incredibly important to a kitchen design. How will they operate – manually or automatically?  Do they need to block the light or view, or just filter it? Will they fit within the frame of the unit or extend past? Plan for this.
    • You will want the ‘details’ in your kitchen to take it from “nice” to “WOW”! 


6. Creating your perfect kitchen does not happen overnight. Planning ahead for the renovation and the interruption of use is crucial. Determine where your make-shift kitcehn (fridge and hot palte and a place to prepare your food and wash your dishes) can be installed during the renovation. Summer can be a great time for renovating a kitchen espeically if you have access to a barbeque and can move your meal-time outdoors. 

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