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Part 1 - Home Design Trends in Canada 2023

Well, 2023 is another new year but we are still marking it by the pandemic and the many crises that are currently happening in our world. While we find ourselves looking forward to a time when we can say that it is all behind us, we have to acknowledge that we have changed much of our lives because of it, and so trends are reflecting those changes.  


For many years now, people have opted to create extraordinary outdoor living areas, open concept indoor spaces, and even more tranquil luxury bathrooms but since the Pandemic and the confinement that was felt, there is an even greater desire for space than even before. This desire is not likely to change in the near future. 


With travel still being a challenge for many and inflation and interest rate hikes, it is likely that the biggest trend that is beginning to show will continue throughout the year. Designers still establish many trends, but this year they will be working with the people that have been driving the most apparent trend…establishing a space that expresses your uniqueness with sustainability. 


General trends that have not changed

  • The most important trend again in 2023 is to be unique with your design and ensure that it always represents who you are via form and function. If you work in your home, you should want your space to create the motivation you need, matched with the tranquility you desire. Make your home, yours! 
  • Space will always be a commodity! If you have little available space, you will need to consider multi-purpose organized rooms (guest bedrooms/home office or entertainment/gym spaces, etc.) If building an addition to your home or reclaiming wasted space is an option, then you have an opportunity to design the space to suit your every need.  
  • Energy efficiency is a requirement in custom home building and renovations, not a trend.  With sometimes limited available materials, higher fuel and electricity bills, a need for sustainable materials, energy efficiency, and less waste has become more of a priority in design.  
  • The ‘smart home’ is the new standard not a trend anymore. Incorporating technologies in your home, such as touchless faucets, smart switches/outlets, cameras, smart thermostats, automatic blinds, artificial intelligence, security systems, etc. are part of most new custom renovations or home designs. Just remember that a vital part of the ‘Smart’ design is ensuring you establish security protocols for those features. 
  • Multi-generational living is still part of our trending culture. With the need for affordable family care and affordable home ownership there is a strong trend to create joint home ownership/living. In-law suites, nanny suites, suites for adult children and their families, rental units are all part of the current building model. 
  • The focus for many designers is on the home office. With working remotely still the mainstream trend, the home office is now an integral part of many homes. Basic functions (computers, internet, desk, organized filing, etc.) must now be enhanced by ergonomic furniture choices, and suitable colours that motivate and energize.  But not to be forgotten is the wall space artwork or murals suitable for background views during video calls (zoom, facetime, etc.)  


Outdoor Rooms are more prevalent than ever

  • An outdoor living space that is as efficient and comfortable as the inside of a home is not just a desire…it became a need for many over the past few years. That will likely continue in 2023 as not everyone is ready or able to take a vacation. With staycations still prevalent, outdoor T.V.’s, outdoor heaters, fire tables, fireplaces, covered patios, pergolas, awnings, sunrooms, stylish comfortable seating, stone and concrete patios, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, pools, pool heaters, and hot tubs, etc. are still all the rage! Thus, the demand for many of these elements has still created lengthy waits for some things. Investing in your own personal retreat may be money well spent though and make your staycation a pleasure! 
  • For some, redesigning their outdoor space gives them an opportunity to recreate their favorite mini-vacation spot right in their own backyard.  Backyard renovations, reclaiming of an outbuilding/shed/garage for an outdoor escape, yoga studio, home office, luxury lounge seems to be a continuing trend in 2023! 
  • In 2023 front home exteriors, walkways, driveways, and patio/porch living spaces will likely continue to get much needed face lifts. While maybe not the priority in the past, many people are updating their ‘curb appeal’. Reasons vary, but whether it is a need for repairs/replacement, a desire for change, extending one’s outdoor living space, or investing in one’s property, it is still a trend. 
  • Calming colours, natural elements, a plethora of plants, edible gardens, tropical plants and influences, outdoor art, proper electrical and lighting, and a variety of upholstery textures, are all part of the 2023 tranquil outdoor living and outdoor workspace trend.  
  • With a rise in prices and difficulty of getting building supplies such as pressure treated wood, many homeowners have reconsidered the materials they want to use in their outdoor living spaces. Wood decks are still popular, but stone, concrete, composite decking, and other materials with a longer life expectancy have become a trend. Homeowners are looking for longevity, flexibility of use, and a more luxurious looking outdoor space. 


It is always important to remember that trends are just that…trends; they come and go. Some stick around longer than others. You should not renovate your home for the next potential homeowner when you are not selling it, but you should consider a balance between form and function that will benefit you should you decide to sell down the road. Choose to express yourself with the items that are easily replaced when trends change.  


If you are looking to renovate or add on to your existing home, call us at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823. We look forward to working with you to make your existing home your dream home!