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Part 2 - Expressing Your Uniqueness with Home Design and Building Trends

2023 has brought its own global and home-based challenges, post Covid.  We are all well aware of inflation, interest rate hikes, shortages, and delays of supplies in most industries. If you are looking to make changes to your existing home or build a new home, you are probably already aware of the trend changes too. Just keep in mind that the dominating influence for your home’s aesthetic should be you…not the current trend.


Here are just a few of the trends of 2023:

Colour Trends:

  • The Pantone colour for 2023 is Viva Magenta; a vibrant pinkish red. As always, when picking colours for your walls, tiles, or furniture, it is best to stay in the neutral tones and add your pop of colour to less expensive items. Colour affects emotion, so when picking colours for your home, choose one that elicits the best emotions from you.
  • Benjamin Moore chose Raspberry Blush, a lively bold red orange, as their colour of the year. It is a significantly different colour trend from the subtle October Mist colour of 2022.
  • Sherwin Williams has selected Redend Point; a blush beige as their colour for the year. It is a warming colour that brings earth tones inside.
  • Gray is still being used, but is shifting to the past. General colour palettes are alternating between dark ‘moody’ tones to warm calming neutrals.


The Post Pandemic Trends:

  • More efficient, organized storage space has come from necessity, but is a positive change. Since we are still stocking up on essentials out of necessity, organization cabinetry, storage rooms, and storage furniture is still on trend. Many new homes are being designed with better storage in mind. There must be a place for everything!
  • Under stair renovations is still a trend. Whether it is for a home office, a pantry, a beverage bar, or extra storage space, no underutilized area of the home is being left alone.
  • As was the same in 2022, the sky-rocketing costs and back orders in all industries, have homeowners looking for quality, durability, longevity, and easy to clean items such as fabrics, flooring, and appliances, to name a few. Purchasing cheaper, replaceable items is not as prevalent now. When you have to wait so long to get most new products, homeowners are more likely to choose materials that will last a little longer.
  • When possible, homeowners seem to be purchasing or re-purposing vintage items. Re-purposing older furniture is not only a sustainability choice, but it may mean cost savings for quality items. Whether it is a ‘hand-me down’ item from a family member, or a purchase from a vintage store, these types of finds could be helpful in creating that unique reflection of self in your home. Just keep in mind that not all older or used furniture is actually ‘vintage’. Homeowners appear to be gravitating to dark wood tones heavy leathers, and rich coloured luxurious fabrics.
  • Big but efficient windows…are becoming an absolute must for those that are in their home all day!


Interior Design Trends:

  • The open concept design is most homeowners’ desire! But the Pandemic and working from home has made it necessary to have separate ‘escape’ areas in and sometimes outside of the home. While at the end of the day the connectiveness of the kitchen and family room seems to create the ambiance that homeowners are looking for, there needs to be a workspace, and some relaxation space that makes the home feel tranquil—hence that luxurious spa area, man cave, she shed, yoga studio etc. that allows you to unwind.
  • In 2023, black finishes seem to be very much in trend for appliances, lighting, and furniture.
  • Mixed textures, patterns, and colours are still trending. Tongue and groove ceilings, wood designed accent walls, bold print wallpaper, 3d art pieces, brick and stone facades, vintage items and many natural elements are all part of the strategic design. For some this year is a return to tradition by using products that feel familiar, create a sense of calm, and are organic and/or sustainable.
  • Highlight walls/accent walls are getting bolder. Wallpaper, wood moldings, vertical wood slats, and stone accent walls are huge in 2023. Keep in mind that it is vital to choose the proper wall to highlight and that the choice of material and the direction(s) it is installed can create an amazing accent wall, or it could make your home look dated—the opposite of trending.
  • Layered lighting (pot lights, pendants, chandeliers, lamps, etc.) are essential in most rooms since they are often multi-purpose spaces. But in 2023 lighting is art. There are immense choices out there, and lighting is a statement piece.
  • The rounding of doorways, furniture, windows, and walls is currently trending. For years homeowners have been requesting that renovators remove arches, but in 2023 it seems the curved look is back.
  • Laundry room and mudroom renovations are big for 2023. These previously forgotten areas are now being renovated not just for efficiency, but for style as well. Many homeowners are adding custom cabinetry, floating shelves, dynamic backsplashes, new appliances, custom storage options for each member of the household, and even pet baths. They are not just utility rooms anymore.
  • Whether it is done with art, photos or personal mementos, gallery walls seem to be a big trend for 2023. Maximalism is in for 2023 but keep in mind creating a perfect gallery wall requires much thought and coordination of meaningful pieces that are a unique reflection of you.
  • Despite a tough economic forecast for 2023, most people are choosing to still try to incorporate some luxury in their homes. That may be through the incorporation of glamourous accents like gold or metal framed mirrors to gold faucets or unique metal cabinet handles in their kitchens.


Kitchens and Bathroom Trends:

  • A hotel worthy spa bathroom is a ‘must have’ for many homeowners... not just a desire anymore. It may be the hottest trend in the industry. Each bathroom with walk-in showers or large soaker tubs in a recreation of a favorite hotel bathroom oasis, or a unique designed retreat for oneself, but regardless of the inspiration, when done right…can add to a home’s resale value.
  • Kitchens will have more coloured cabinetry, one-piece back splashes, beverage stations, and high-end appliances (when you can get them) in 2023. While white cabinets are still trending, there will be more colour in kitchens this year.
  • Dual islands are still trending this year (one for food prep and one for dining) for those with large open concept areas. For those kitchens that allow for only one, many are opting for a dining-style island with one large uninterrupted countertop slab.
  • While the simplicity of the shaker style cabinet door is still trending, the details are being emphasized in the one-piece backsplashes, the vibrant countertops, art style lighting, and unique handles. Granite and marble have bold veining, and colours, vs previous years of safer more neutral shades of colour.
  • Simple countertop edges are being rounded more in 2023. More curves are the trend.
  • Open kitchen shelving seems to be phasing out in 2023…it simply isn’t a practical use of space for most kitchens.
  • Pantries are bigger with more organizing options, such as the butler pantry. These new pantries are not just for food storage, but for storage of all of the latest appliances we have accumulated.
  • Appliances are still advancing in technologies, colours, finishes, etc. The newest trend is still ‘more’ appliances to accommodate doing more from home. The trend is still double the dishwashers, fridges or freezers and add appliances that turn your home into your favourite place to eat, both inside and outdoors.


In 2023 we should welcome the design trend that continues to encourage our uniqueness. When our redesigns or new home designs incorporate the things that reflect our individualism, it enables us to make our lives more tranquil in this seemingly different world. Our homes, for many people, have become a place for everything from school, home office, fitness centre, and even our favorite restaurant. Our homes should definitely reflect our individual lifestyles and offer us a luxurious, but practical retreat.


If you are looking to renovate or add on to your existing home, call us at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823. We look forward to working with you to make your existing home your dream home!