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Planning Your Ideal Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are one of the most popular custom home renovations.  The reasoning behind it can vary from homeowner to homeowner, but if done right, can be one of the best returns on your investment for resale of your home.  The kitchen has become the heart of the home; it is the primary family gathering place, so these renovations are unique to each family dynamic.  They are greatly dependent on lifestyle, budget, personal tastes, and available space - and thus require careful planning. Consider the following:

  • Be realistic with your budget.  Will you need plumbing and/or electrical relocations in addition to cabinetry?  Are you considering new windows, doors, or appliances?  If choosing new appliances, this may allow you to improve energy efficiency and incorporate appliances such as dishwashers and hood fans that are now quieter.  Perhaps this may be your opportunity to incorporate a luxury, such as a specialty coffee station, which is increasing in popularity, or stainless steel appliances for their resale value? Whatever your personal choices, you will need to realistically determine if your wishes can be met by your means.  
  • Often the main objective of a kitchen renovation can be overlooked.  You are not only renovating for aesthetics; this is an opportunity to better utilize your existing space, possibly create additional square footage, or integrate the kitchen with other rooms.  Perhaps you are considering an improvement to functionality for your unique lifestyle and ergonomic needs. 
  • Natural stones can make beautiful countertops. Keep in mind that they come from nature and thus variations should be expected.  A sample in a showroom may not be identical to the stone received.  Stones such as granite or marble, etc. can come with colour variations that are subtle or significant.  If variations will be an issue for you, pick your granite or marble, etc. from a slab that is in stock.  Quartz, glass, and synthetic options for countertops can also add to the beauty of your new kitchen.  Consider your budget and the pros, cons, cleaning, and maintenance requirements of the products when choosing your ideal countertop.
  • Trends may look great, but it is vital to your satisfaction to always ensure that you choose the elements of your kitchen not only for form but also for function – your function.  Your kitchen must work for you!  If this will not be your permanent home, you may want to consider elements from timeless trends vs. a current fad so that you can maximize resale value.
  • “It is all in the details.”  As cliché as that may sound-- it is true. The little details are often overlooked but are very important in a kitchen design.  Choose “soft close” cabinet hardware -- it makes a difference!  Choices in countertop edge designs, sink mountings, faucets, and back splashes may be subtle but can make the difference in overall impression change from “nice” to “WOW”!  And, keep in mind that handles are not just for function.  They can make your kitchen unique –this can be an opportunity for you to add your own personal flair in a subtle yet meaningful way.

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