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Removing Barriers... The Open Concept Renovation

In recent years, a common trend in custom home renovations has been to “open things up”.  Homeowners are transforming their existing conventional houses into their dream homes by knocking down walls and adding structural beams to combine their kitchen, dining room, and living areas. 

Since, in many cases, the kitchen has essentially become the hub of the household; these transformations have allowed for greater connectivity within families.  Being the ‘cook’ no longer means performing an isolated activity; they are now able to interact with their family members or guests while preparing dinner.  These new open concept designs allow for better sight lines to other areas of the home, which is ideal for parents or nannies of small children. Open concepts can often accommodate homework or home office stations in or close to the kitchen area, eating bars at a centralized island, and sight lines to the entertainment centre, which might be otherwise impossible in a compartmentalized home. 

By removing interior walls, one can take advantage of the views and the natural light that will now permeate throughout more of this space. This not only increases ambiance but also energy efficiency. The lack of confinement in a visually open space can make even a small area feel so much larger and become so much more efficient with its new layout. While open concepts can be ideal for families, they can also work well for couples and individuals. 

An open concept design, however, may require some adjustment and special planning.  Without walls between kitchens and living areas, it is essential to ensure that appliances, especially dishwashers and hood fans, are as quiet as possible. One must also consider that a “mess” in the kitchen is no longer out of view of guests.  For some, this may mean an adjustment to the way dinner is prepared or how and when to cleanup.  It is likely that strong food odours will travel, but that can be the same for some odours regardless of walls or the lack thereof…hence a good hood fan for proper ventilation in any kitchen is essential. 

The open concept may not appeal to everyone, but there are options for those that like the concept but still need some compartmentalization…the incorporation of strategically placed half walls, fireplaces, cabinetry, or specially designed focal points can give a homeowner the best of both worlds. 

If you are considering an open concept renovation to your home in the Niagara Region, contact us today (905) 562-4463 or email us at info@vanderzalm.ca.  All of us at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. look forward to working with you!