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SPRING...It's here...although it may not look like it!

Well, it seems that we had the darkest winter in a very long time, but the good news is the sun seems to be peaking out more often now and hopefully we will start to see the end of winter. But if winter is ending, then the chores of spring must begin.

We say this every season, and we know it may be tedious, but protecting and maintaining our homes, which are likely our largest investment, is a necessity. Since spring is technically here as we have passed March 20th, now is a good time to peruse the Spring maintenance checklist and establish a plan.

While there is still snow on the ground, now might be a great time to pick a room and begin your deep cleaning. Make sure you remove everything from closets, cupboards, and drawers and clean way back into those dark corners. It is really important to uncover all corners from floor to ceiling, to ensure that you don’t have any issues with your home’s structure.

As you move from room to room, and floor to floor, pay attention to all the items on your maintenance checklist. Take note of anything that seems different and make sure there aren’t any signs of moisture or evidence of rodents or bugs. Spring cleaning isn’t just about decluttering and getting organized again, although that is important, it’s about making your home safe!

As you go about your spring cleaning, kindly consider what items you have stored away that you no longer use or clothes that you no longer fit into. If you have belongings that you don’t need, don’t just throw them out -- recycle them. With the aftermath of COVID, there are so many families in need and several charitable organizations in Niagara that would gladly help you to re-purpose or redistribute your excess items to someone that can truly use them. You may just be emptying your closet, but in the process, you are filling someone else’s heart through your generosity.

And when the rooms and closets are completely cleaned, it will be time to turn to the exterior maintenance list – hopefully in the sunnier and warmer days to come. You will not only love the opportunity to be outside, but you will have an opportunity to check if your home is showing signs of weathering and is indeed in need of maintenance. And you will be able to begin your landscape clean-up.

Now if you are not a gardening lover or an outdoor enthusiast, you may need a little motivation…so why not plan a spring get-together? Nothing gives a person more motivation to get the chores done than a deadline for an outdoor party. It would be the perfect reward for all your hard work.

While general maintenance checklists are a helpful starting place, keep in mind that houses are unique in many ways. It is vital for every homeowner to take a good look at their interior and exterior elements to ensure that any trouble spots are addressed. By doing a thorough inspection you help to ensure that simple repairs don’t become bigger replacement issues, because they were left unaddressed for too long.

As always, if you find a situation that you are not sure of, or are not qualified to fix yourself, such as plumbing or electrical repairs, call a professional! Get the job done right so that you can ensure that your home and family stay safe. We say this a lot, but some jobs are just not DIY-type projects.

We wish you a wonderful Easter and a revitalized Spring! 

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