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Summer Home Maintenance - Get a tan while doing your chores!

Summer… thankfully it is back but so are the chores that go with it! Home maintenance is not optional, especially if you want to protect your biggest investment, it is a must! So, while the sun is out after the long cold winter, try to incorporate your sun tanning efforts with a few of your essential home maintenance tasks. No one said that getting some sun had to be done from a beach chair, although realistically it would be my first choice too!

Try to schedule your summer home inspection day for a rainy one - no sun is lost and it may tell you whether you have any issues with water around or inside the house. At first your chore list may appear to be long, so perhaps you can divide your outdoor chores over the course of a few sunnier days. Somehow when the sun is out, even the longest list can seem less daunting. 

Well maintained custom home

And indoor spring cleaning can always be done on a rainy day - if applicable, why not make it a family effort with a surprise reward when all is done! There are many spring cleaning tips available online that may provide motivation or make efforts more efficient. 

Keep in mind that you will need to consider home maintenance issues that may be unique to your specific property or custom home - here is a Summer Maintenance Checklist from one of our past blog posts to help you get started. 

Remember to inspect your home carefully for items that need attention or repair.  If you encounter something you are unsure of, or are not qualified to properly fix, call a professional to do the job right.  Some things must be done by a licensed professional (e.g. electrical and plumbing issues, etc.).

Scheduling chores can be difficult with busy schedules; just make sure that you don’t put them off indefinitely. Regular inspections and home maintenance can save you a lot of frustration and money later!


Vanderzalm Construction Inc. wishes you a wonderful, healthy and safe summer!If you are considering a custom renovation, addition, or a Niagara custom home build, call us at (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823.