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The Focal Point - What the Fuss is All About

At Vanderzalm Construction Inc. our custom homes take advantage of as many of nature’s focal points as possible, through the strategic placement of layout and oversized windows.  But not every home has an extraordinary view; thus it is necessary that the right interior elements be chosen to set the tone and mood of the space.  So what is a focal point anyway?  It is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter a room. Its purpose is to capture your attention and the essence of the space in the most visually pleasing way.

Many focal points are actually architectural in nature and are carefully integrated into a custom home or renovation design. These features often include a fireplace, a picture window, built-in cabinetry or shelving, an entertainment centre, a distinctive kitchen island, a stone wall, or a staircase, etc. 

Focal points can also be created through other elements such as colour, textures, furniture, art, or shimmering light fixtures.  Focal points should be visually unobstructed from one room to another if they are to successfully draw your attention between them.  Therefore, the best place for a focal point is often (but not without exceptions) directly across from the room’s entrance.  Remember that a true focal point should not have competition; it is important to allow the item to anchor the room while all other design elements reflect a secondary status.

Some strategic tips to create or emphasize a focal point:

  • Place a large painting at the end of a long hallway or at the top of a staircase.
  • Paint doors in a closed or narrow hallway a striking colour for visual interest and direction.
  • Furniture placement should revolve around the focal point and not over power it by size or colour.
  • Illuminate the focal point for visual interest and intrigue.  Using layers of adjustable lights to draw focus on a single point can create the ambiance you want. A room with even lighting will not emphasize your focal point.
  • Ensure that the size and shape of your focal point is appropriate for the room.  Something that is too big or bold can lend an awkward feeling to a room, while something too small will likely be lost and lose its status.   
  • Put artwork or the focal point at eye level in the centre of a doorway entrance to grab instant attention.  Remember that scale, tone, and shape are vitally important.
  • One large element against a neutral background stands out…a series of bold elements can clash and confuse.  Do not overdo.
  • If your focal point is the great outdoors, capture the view with an oversized window or glass doors. The window can be merely the frame for exquisite living art.
  • Remember that textures inspire warmth or instill cool feelings.  It is vital to use textures carefully and collaboratively to create depth and character in your room to create or support your focal point.
  • Use tile or natural stone elements in a room to create a focal point.  It adds organic colours and patterns which can hold their own in any room.

At Vanderzalm Construction Inc. we are experienced at creating residences with extraordinary focal points.  If you are considering a renovation or a custom home build, contact us today at 905-562-4463.