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The Trends of 2017 - What will they bring?

Wow, it’s so hard to believe but it is already a new year.  As with the coming of every new year, some people will be excited while others will be cautiously watching for what the year may bring.  The one thing we can look forward to in 2017 is it’s design trends.  So, what design trends are you likely to see--Well here is a brief outline of how the year is starting out: 

  1. The top Pantone colour of 2017 is ‘Greenery’, with Pantone’s suggestion that it represents new beginnings.  This green tone is much like its name…it is a colour of nature and is being incorporated in the design industry with many leaf patterns that very much enhance that element.  It is already being seen in wallpapers, paint colours, textiles, art, and even dishes, vases, lighting, furniture, etc.  While the colour of green may be a neutral in nature, it is likely to become a focal point when incorporated indoors.  While the colour is versatile we suggest you use it in moderation and perhaps keep it to accents.  Keep the expensive elements of your design neutral and perhaps incorporate the new colour with actual elements from nature itself…bring in some true greenery from outdoors.
  2. Pairing black and the right tone of blue in design elements can make a stunningly elegant statement; this has already been seen in 2017 designs.  Perhaps blue will be the new black this year.  Regardless of the colour, you will see plenty of velvet.
  3. Even more man-made alternatives are coming out for ceramic tiles that look like natural stone, such as marble, or slate and wood at a more affordable price than the real thing.  These are a great option for durability and maintenance as well as sometimes being more affordable.  Man-made faux finishes are also quite popular in many other design elements such as wallpaper that looks like gold leaf or other metals, and fabrics or rugs that resemble fur.  Iridescent products that resemble custom metal designs are also part of the trend. Textures, mixing patterns and layering shades of colour are huge in 2017.
  4. Actual natural elements like matte finished terracotta, cork, reclaimed barn board, linens, cottons, and other natural products are still being incorporated in interior design for their textures and added look of warmth. 
  5. Incorporating rustic, natural, and artisanal elements are an increasing trend.  Hand-blown glass work, custom woodwork, metal work, and porcelain art in more natural and organic forms with superficial imperfections, will dominate over the polished manufactured look of previous years. It appears it will be a year for a more artisanal look. 
  6. The compartmentalized home being transitioned into an open concept entertaining ready space is still a dominant design in the Niagara Peninsula.
  7. Energy efficiency is very much the focus of new building code and with the rising costs of energy it is a huge consideration for home owners that are renovating or building new.  This will not be changing anytime soon.
  8. Spa-like bathrooms with curbless showers, soaker tubs, accent tiles, specialty mirrors and in-floor heat seem to have changed from a trend to a must have element in a home.  Many designs are incorporating accessibility options…because life happens.
  9. Still a little ‘bling’ can be found in many architectural elements.   Distinctive lighting and artistic stair railings are increasing in popularity and being incorporated with white wall canvases for optimal focus.
  10. The white shaker style (recessed panel) cabinet is still the trend for kitchens.  Homeowners are enjoying neutral walls and white cabinetry with a touch of colour in their granite countertops or accessories.   While granite is still the more popular choice, many are incorporating quartz and butcher blocks in their new designs.  
  11. The warm metals (burnished, polished, brushed versions of gold, brass, bronze and copper) are still available in many décor items and functioning elements such as faucets, cabinet handles, door handles, fixtures, lighting, railings, etc. There are a variety of shades of the metals available and an amalgamation of some as well in many décor elements.
  12. The black stainless appliances are growing in popularity and there seems to be an appliance for just about everything.  In the interest of maximizing available space and its efficiency as well as meeting budgetary restrictions, when designing their kitchens, homeowners will need to ask themselves, “What appliances do I REALLY need?”
  13. Technology continues to fill our homes so our electrical needs have changed.  There are USB outlets, charging docks, automation of blinds, lighting, doors, entertainment centres, security, and HVAC, etc.  Some homeowners though are still trying to reserve some tech-free zones within their home to ensure they get some quality family time and/or down time.

Once again, at the risk of being repetitious, it is absolutely essential to differentiate between the classics and the trends when choosing design elements.  Flooring, stone work, cabinetry, and fixtures are usually substantial investments and thus they should be classic or timeless choices.  Accessories, accents and paint colours however, are usually a more affordable avenue to incorporate a trend that inspires you and showcases your personal flare but you are likely to change in the not so distant future…when you may be moved by something new.

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