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This is not a Hotel, it's my Master Suite!

This is not a Hotel, it's my Master Suite!

When you look around at your bedroom…Do you have to remind yourself that it is not a hotel suite…No?  You could! 

With today’s hectic schedules, the master bedroom becomes more than just a place to sleep…it becomes a retreat—a sanctuary where one goes to find tranquility and pampering; to find that so elusive private time.  Therefore, it stands to reason that while the average master bedroom may still be the biggest bedroom in the house, it may not necessarily meet the needs of today’s homeowners. 

Many homeowners want to transform their master bedroom into a five-star hotel suite; one that is available to them on an everyday basis—no reservations needed.  Therefore, the term ‘master bedroom’ no longer applies; it is now a ‘Master Suite’ or a ‘Master Retreat’!  So, what turns the master bedroom into a Master Suite?  It is fluidity, spaciousness, tranquility, efficiency, luxury, and a little touch of pizazz--just what you would see in a hotel suite! 

When inspired by some of the finest hotel rooms, it usually takes more than just a change of decorative furnishings to create a masterpiece; it usually requires a change of layout for efficiency and a sense of spaciousness.  In addition to the sleeping area, the new master suite often incorporates a seating zone, a walk-in or walk-through closet, and of course, a luxurious private ensuite.  Rearranging the layout may help define specific zones and create a fluidity between them.  But you need to be realistic with space that you have and how to utilize it appropriately.  Small rooms cannot usually accommodate all the elements of a Master Suite, but they may still be able to become your Master Retreat!

Some considerations for the creation of your ultimate suite:

·       Always reserve space for traffic areas as well as your separate zones.  In other words, a King size bed is wonderful, but putting it into your room only works if there is still more than enough space around it and the rest of your furniture for proper traffic flow.

·       If possible, borrow or reclaim space from an adjacent room or closet, relocate the bedroom to an entirely different floor, or build an addition to achieve desired square footage when possible.

·       For extra light and access, enlarge windows, move doorways or walls, and relocate/reorganize closets.

·       When square footage is limited perhaps change swing doors to pocket doors or sliding door styles to create more usable space.

·       Perhaps add insulation to reduce sound -- ensuring that the sanctuary you desire remains just that.

While the idea of the ultimate private getaway may differ in decorative style, suites are all designed to feel as spacious as possible, even in the smallest of rooms. The trick is to create exceptional storage space solutions to achieve an uncluttered look. For convenience, organization, and aesthetics, the customize walk-through design may be the ultimate in closets. While walk-ins/walk-throughs usually achieve the ideal storage solution, the reality is that some rooms simply cannot accommodate them.  When this occurs, custom built-ins are certainly a great alternative; they maximize storage space and can add a touch of elegance, while minimizing encroachment on the spaciousness of the room.  Of course, if that is not an option either, customizing existing closets can still provide a feasible solution.

The Master Suite is all about pampering and the ensuite area is usually the epitome of luxury. The ensuite often includes dual sinks, a spacious glass shower, a make-up vanity, a soaker tub and the coveted in-floor heat.  There then are extra perks, such as heated towel bars, built in cabinetry for linen storage and televisions in mirrors.   Imagine watching your favourite show while enjoying your soaker tub!

Much like many hotel rooms, some Master Suites incorporate built-in coffee stations, snack cupboards, and mini-fridges for chilling water and wine.  Even televisions are installed in a custom footboard or console with an automatic lift, so that they disappear from sight when not in use.  

But depending on a property and the distance to neighbours, for some the Pièce de Résistance is the installation of a balcony, accessible only from their Master Suite. For others, it may be a fireplace or two-sided fireplace between the ensuite and bedroom.

The ambiance is achieved through layers that create that spacious, intimate, spa-like tranquility. 

You may want to consider the following:

·       Strategically placed windows and mirrors, especially in a smaller room as they add spaciousness.

·       Lighting is done in different levels: for ambiance, reading, make-up application, and other purposes – and lighting should have dimmers.  

·       Incorporate a little glamour or decadence to your space; a chandelier or nightstand light might add a touch of sparkle--the trick is not to overdo it with the bling--Less is sometimes more.

·       Decide on window coverings that allow natural light and/or views but that can block it out entirely.

·       Continuity with colour schemes, styles, textures, paints and stains can create that spa-like feel.

·       Pick one focal point that sets the tone you desire. (a fireplace, art work, a custom designed bed, etc.)

If your master bedroom makes you scream, “I need to escape from the humdrum”, then perhaps it is time to get inspired and turn that dreary room into your Master Retreat!  Imagine how it would feel to wake up every day, enjoying your room like it was a five-star hotel suite!

Vanderzalm Construction Inc. can transform your existing master bedroom into that inspired Master Suite oasis you have always dreamt of.  Call us today at (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823.