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What lies beneath ... your stairs?

So often, the space beneath a staircase is under-utilized or inefficiently used.

This somewhat triangular space is often left open to an unfinished portion of a basement or furnace room, or closed off with a single door because no one seems to really understand the value in the space.  One long closet directly under the staircase with the entrance at the far end means that a portion of this space is rarely accessible, simply by proximity to the door.

Organized storage space in a home is a valuable commodity, so make the most of it.  This area may be unusually shaped, but it can be highly functioning and aesthetically pleasing with the right design. 

As always, form should meet function and thus location of the stairs would impact the design. If your staircase borders a living, family or dining room, it may be the perfect spot to set in a small beverage centre, wine storage, or shelving for keepsakes, books, or DVD/CD collections.

Near an office space, it may become a desk area, file cabinet space, or customized office drawers or shelves.

If the space is closer to an entrance way, its function may be better utilized with the installation of banks of drawers or custom cabinets that help organize the family’s outdoor clothing, toys and belongings. Depending heavily on heights/clearances, building codes, and access for plumbing, it may even be possible for a small powder room.

In a small home or where extra space is greatly needed (which is almost every home), it may be possible to create efficiencies by renovating this space.  Don’t underestimate the possibilities. 

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We look forward to helping you improve your space!