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Winter Home Maintenance - What a year... the only thing we could count on was chores!

Winter Home Maintenance - What a year... the only thing we could count on was chores!

Well it has been quite the year! With winter just around the corner we can’t help but think that the only constant in 2020 was chores. Spring, COVID-19, summer, fall, and now winter chores!  But just because it has been a challenging year, it doesn’t mean that the winter chore list can be ignored.  

Niagara’s winters are the true essence of winter… ice, snow storms, and bitter cold temperatures – that is our typical winter! 

It is wonderful for those who love the outdoors, the cold and the snow… it is less wonderful for those that don’t. So, whether you like to hibernate for the first three months of the year, or you embrace winter and its glistening icicles and fluffy snowflakes, you will still want to enjoy the comforts of your home during this unpredictable season. Therefore, it is essential to your safety to ensure that you have completed your winter maintenance checklist in advance of that first winter storm.   

While hanging holiday lights and garland is usually a part of December’s maintenance routine, this list is so much more inclusive.   Every home has unique elements to contend with. You will need to inspect your home inside and out to determine if there is specific maintenance that needs to be completed.  Don’t just consider a general maintenance list—that is just a starting point. 

Specialized work is always better left to professionals.  Please ensure that you call licensed chimney cleaners, electricians, plumbers, or heating contractors, etc. if you are not licensed and qualified to complete certain repairs.  Please protect yourself from an accident or injury that can be prevented!

By completing your winter maintenance early, you may avoid issues popping up during the holidays when it may be difficult to get assistance. While some stories do get funnier with time, it is unlikely that tales told about the disaster that could have been prevented will be the memories you want to retell. 

So, when the chores are all done, and the list is checked twice… perhaps you will enjoy a lovely outdoor day in Niagara, or maybe you will prefer to stay warm by your newly cleaned fireplace. 

We wish you well and hope for a better year in 2021!

At Vanderzalm Construction Inc. we are wishing you a wonderful and safe winter season… If you are planning a custom home renovation/addition or considering building a new home in Niagara, call us at (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823.