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What really makes a house a home is the comfort that envelopes us when we are there—it comes from the trust we place on our home to keep us safe, warm and dry. With the temperature extremes that the Niagara Region can encounter, it is no wonder that we can see that the exterior elements of our homes, much like other products, have a “shelf life”. Your home may be the biggest investment you will make—do not forget that the exterior requires maintenance.

Here at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. we can provide an exterior renovation or 'face-lift' to an aged but well-loved home, or perform the maintenance and repairs necessary to protect your investment. Whether it's installing new windows, doors, or insulation, replacing siding, adding supports to an existing structure, or replacing soffit, fascia and trough.

Our custom home exterior renovation services can include a simple update of similar materials (shingles, siding, fascia and trough, etc.), to incorporate changes to the cladding for ease of maintenance, to replace windows and capture more natural light, or to establish an entirely new architecturally pleasing façade for your home. At Vanderzalm Construction Inc., we take great pride in our work and can turn the ordinary into extraordinary…a simple house into your dream retreat. Imagine yourself walking up the sidewalk to that dream home that you always wanted, at the house you already have.

Perhaps, your building needs are in the outdoor living space that surrounds your home. Vanderzalm Construction Inc. can also create your oasis. Whether your exterior renovation desires a cabana, gazebo, pergola, deck, fence, partition wall, outdoor kitchen or fireplace, covered porch, patio, concrete sidewalk or driveway, a barn, garage or outbuilding—our team can incorporate these elements into your exterior living area. Space is a commodity – We can help you recapture yours!