2018 trends - How much different are they?


Once again, we contemplate just how fast time flies as acknowledge that it is already February of 2018.  Where has the time gone? 

And while we reminisce about all the wonderful memories we have of 2017, we find ourselves wondering what the rest of 2018 will bring.  One thing that is for sure is that we will look forward to seeing what trends will continue and what will change during this year.

So here is what we are seeing so far:

  • Well, as we have seen for the last several years, the open concept design is still very prevalent in today’s home and renovation designs.  Instead of being considered ‘trendy’ … at this point perhaps we need to acknowledge that the open concept is just the new way of today’s family and social dynamic—everyone sharing a space and being involved. The ‘Great’ room seems to have become a must have in today’s designs.
  • Outdoor rooms are still very prevalent.  Most appliances for your indoor kitchen can probably be found in a version for your outdoor kitchen.  There are also places to dine and relax often around an outdoor fireplace.
  • The most prevalent trend of the last few years is continuing as we go forward, and is not likely about to stop—it is the need for energy efficiency.  Not only through mandated building code requirements but also by homeowners who are requesting sustainable materials, grey water recovery systems, hot water on demand, and greater efficiency for appliances and LED lighting systems to keep their energy costs and carbon footprints to a minimum.
  • While telephone wiring may still be included in some rough-ins – landline telephones seem to be becoming a thing of the past. Many homeowners are opting to just use their cell phones and are incorporating wi-fi and/or hardwired lines for the newest technologies and the creation of the “smart home”.  Apps on a cell phone can control security cameras/systems, climate control, window coverings, lighting, entertainment systems, and access to homes, and these are all part of new home designs.
  • The Benjamin Moore colour of the year is AF-290 – Caliente, a strong luxurious red.  It is bold and inspired and can be used inside and out. This striking earthy red could add warmth to any room, and the luxury and elegance of the ‘red carpet’ right inside your very own home. It will pair well with grey and black neutrals enabling it to really pop.
  • The colour palette for 2018 includes many colours in the soft and sandy range of pink/rose tones, greys, blues, lilac and simple minimalistic pastels.   Softer silvers and golds are also popular, instead of the bold shades of the past.  “Oceanside” by Sherwin Williams and “In the moment” by Behr, are two calming shades of blue that will be seen in fashion and home décor this year.   While it won’t be gone entirely, the gender neutral ‘millennial pink’ of 2017 will transform into something stronger and bolder in gem tones for this year. Sapphire, emerald and other gemstone colours will likely be very prominent this year.   Moderation is the key for bold colours.
  • The Pantone colour of the year for 2018 is ‘Ultra Violet’.  It is a bold, jeweled toned colour that is probably best used as an accent.  Perhaps opt for lilac in rooms that you want to feel more relaxing and a touch of Ultra Violet in a more vibrant space.
  • Black still remains as a statement colour but in many instances it is being treated as a neutral in décor as well.
  • Velvet upholstery, lacquered wall panels, and stone façades are all expected to continue to be prevalent in 2018 design.
  • Tone on tone finishes (e.g. trim work, walls, and wood furniture pieces) will also be utilized in this year’s designs…in bolder colours.
  • Accents in small doses will likely be in strong tones of lime, red and yellow, as the trend this year will be to design your space with colours inspired by travels throughout the world.  2018 does not represent the days of neutral rooms…it is about making a statement about who you are.
  • There is a resurgence of big geometric shapes and florals in upholstery and wallpapers this year.  Wallpaper has made a comeback …it is not the same wallpaper that you remember.
  • Metalics are no longer bold in influence, but are rather subdued and neutral in their use as accessories. Warm metals, like gold, rose gold, copper, brass and mixtures of metals are still very popular. You will likely be seeing options for gold and brass colours in wallpapers, tables, furniture, faucets, and accessories. But, it would not be surprising if silver and chrome became more prevalent at the end of the year going into 2019.   
  • Finishes that mimic the look of wood grains are everywhere even if the product is not wood.  Tiles can be found that look like wood, marble and industrial metal, etc.  There are many choices that possess the durability of tile but the look of something more unique.
  • Kitchens will have many options instead of traditional white cabinets with granite countertops.  Appliance garages to keep things looking clean and minimalistic are still trending. Weathered surface looks, two-toned cabinets, mixed countertop surfaces (eg. quartz and butcher blocks, etc.), oversize farmhouse sinks, islands that look like furniture, are warming up our kitchen areas.  Open shelves or deep drawers instead of cupboards are also options for a unique kitchen.   The single level stands with less upper cabinets are also increasing in popularity for more streamlined and contemporary designs.  They are also financially more affordable. Stark white cabinets are out—In is grey, cream, blues, or a combination of two colours, and woodgrains.
  • Kitchen cabinets, sinks, and faucets are all becoming available in bold colours.  If the past is indicative of the future, this trend will change.  Therefore, be cautious with where you place bold colour—it is sometimes better to incorporate it on a wall that is easily painted, or in accessories that can be easily changed.  Choose colours and surfaces for large ticket items carefully in order to protect your investment. 
  • If your budget does not include granite or quartz, exceptional laminate designs are available that look like the real thing but are far more budget conscious.  Surfaces should not only be fashionable; they need to be easy to maintain.  Quartz has become the more popular choice because of that.
  • Subway tiles are less popular than in the past several years.  They are being replaced by more modern, bold, intricate, and unique patterns.  Backsplashes and floors are big investments.  Try to choose a tile with elegance – intricate designs should not be bold in colour…choose a neutral and they may stand the test of time.  Using a stone or natural materials may also last the test of time. If the design is complicated and the colour is bold, you are more apt to tire of it quickly, and it may affect return on resale.  Larger size backsplash and shower tiles are also preferred this year -- not just for aesthetics but for practicality –less grout to clean and they are often easier to install.
  • Colourful exterior doors are trendy and can add a little pizazz to your home… changing the colour, if you get tired of it, usually only requires a can of paint and a little ‘elbow grease’, so if the colour makes you happy…!  Door handles however are more expensive and less traditional in shape and finish.  They offer great ways to express yourself, and ‘smart’ options can make your life a little easier with keyless locks.  
  • Simple luxury can be found with commercial grade built-in appliances that do everything for the home chef. Undercounter appliances (eg. microwave drawers, etc.), induction and gas cooktops all remain very popular and more options are becoming available for apartment-sized appliances for smaller spaces, and in-law suites with-in the home.  Stainless steel finishes are lasting the test of time with the new fingerprint resistant finishes, but bolder coloured appliances are also in high demand.
  • Automation can be found in just about everything, and faucets for kitchens and baths are no exception.  These are becoming very popular. 
  • Floating vanities that make small rooms look larger or less cluttered are a continuing trend.  These vanities though are getting bigger for larger more contemporary ensuites.
  • Soaker tubs, accent tiles, and luxury bathrooms with walk-in glass showers, and built-in shower caddies, niches, benches are still in high demand. Homeowners are still expropriating spaces from connected spaces to enlarge their bathrooms and create a tranquil retreat.

As usual and at the risk of being repetitious, it is absolutely essential to differentiate between the classics and the trends when choosing design elements.  Flooring, stone work, cabinetry, and fixtures are usually substantial investments and thus they should be classic or timeless choices.  Accessories, accents and paint colours however, are usually the more affordable avenue to incorporate a trend that inspires you and helps you show your personal tastes.  Tastes change often as quickly as the trends do, so this is the better way of incorporating a trendy colour.

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