4 Steps to Your Dream Home


With spring in the air, people are getting new ideas for upgrading their homes. From additions or outbuildings to renovating your existing living space; each project that you complete takes you one-step closer to having your ideal home.  So how do you get from an idea to the finished project? Here are a few things to consider in your journey to having your very own dream home.

  1. Your Real Wish List: First, and foremost it is important to be honest with yourself about what you are looking to accomplish with the project. It is important to consider the specific details you want to incorporate in the finished look…but always remember functionality for the way you live. It may sound cliché but form and function really should go hand in hand! A custom renovation gives you an opportunity to turn your home into a unique expression of the people that live in it – not just aesthetically. Whatever the project, make it yours-- After all, your home is the place where you and your family will create memories.
  1. Deciding your budget: Setting up a budget can be a difficult task, but it is imperative that you determine if your wishes can be met by your means.  Always ensure that your budget allocates a section for “contingency costs” just in case you add something in that you did not initially consider. With exciting new products and innovations coming out all of the time, you may want to have a little room to explore those options!  If you do not make changes and nothing unforeseeable occurs, these reserved funds can be available for a new exciting venture down the road!
  1. Timing: Be realistic in your expectations for timing. If you would like to have the project finished by a certain date, perhaps in time for a wedding or other special event, you need to ensure that you consider the time it will take to obtain plans, permits, and possibly special order materials. 
  1. Communication: Having an open channel of communication with your contractor is vital.  Expectations can only be met through good communication throughout your project, from the very beginning to the completion of your dream space. Express your ideas clearly and in advance.

Whether you are considering a new interior layout, conversion of unused basement or attic space, an addition for much needed square footage, a sunroom to bring the outdoors in, a separate suite for parents or nannies, a dream kitchen, a spa-like ensuite, or even something as simple as a larger garage, we can help.  At Vanderzalm Construction Inc., we can turn your wish list into a reality! Contact us today (905) 562-4463 or email us at info@vanderzalm.ca