Closet space - Is there ever enough?


When building a custom home, we at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. understand the need to incorporate lots of storage space. After all, is there really ever enough…there can be, if you plan properly.

In older homes, storage/closet space can vary greatly but there is usually a lack of organized space to store the belongings of today’s homeowners. Times have changed, and the average person has more clothing and personal items than in the past.

Whether renovating or building, most homeowner’s needs are the same…they wish to create an uncluttered, spacious retreat that allows them to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. They want a place where cleanup and organization is easy and there is more time for relaxation—which can only be achieved with adequate storage space.

Storage options come in several forms:

  • The furniture wardrobe: Many homeowners have added furniture armoires to gather that much needed storage space, but these create inefficiencies by their limited vertical dimensions and placement limitations.
  • The typical reach-in closet: This is the closet your parents and their parents have always had—found in most bedrooms, but perhaps a little larger in the master bedroom. While easy to visualize belongings, the single rod and shelf lacks efficiency. When this is the only option installing a custom closet organizer to add drawers, shelving, and hanging rods will maximize efficiency in this existing space. If you can make reclaim space from another area to make it a little larger—all the better!
  • The linen closet/vanity towers: An often overlooked element! It is vital to the success of a design to know where your bed and bath linens will be stored. If you have a walk-through closet that is large enough to accommodate linens and other items, you may not need an extra storage closet in a master bedroom…but if not, it needs to be taken into consideration. For your other bathrooms, a closet or tower is vital to convenience and organization.
  • The walk-in or walk-through closet: Walk-in closets are just that – a closet/small room that you walk into. The design of the walk-in closet should create zones that will accommodate the different items that need to be stored. Maximizing every bit of vertical and horizontal space ensures that a closet is as efficient as possible. An efficient walk-in/walk-through closet considers the following:
    • Sections for drawer space at viewing height with varied hanging space lengths and shelving.
    • Seasonal storage on top, and corners designed for maximum accessibility.
    • A centre island or ottoman/chair in a walk-in/walk-through closet if there is adequate space.
    • The walk-through is simply a walk-in closet that runs between the bedroom and the ensuite, and one of the most popular ways to organize and allow for access from both rooms.
  • The built-in: When other closet options are not suitable, many homeowners opt for the built-in custom wardrobe/shelving units. These allow one to maximize bedroom space and the shape of the room, while establishing an aesthetically pleasing way to organize personal items. They can be custom designed for any style preference and shelving for electronics and televisions can be incorporated while still keeping clothes and personal items neatly stored behind closed doors. Built-ins maximize vertical space, and depths can be strategically staggered to maximize storage and floor space in a pleasing fashion. Televisions incorporated with lift devices can be installed in custom footboards, so that they disappear when not in use.

Vanderzalm Construction Inc. understands how vital storage solutions are in a custom plan, and we would love to build your new or soon-to-be newly remodeled home. Call us today at 905-684-5823 or 905-562-4463.