Fall Home Maintenance - maybe not as dreaded this year


The leaves are turning colours and falling from the trees, so we know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, Fall is here and that means new chores are starting.  But since COVID-19 started earlier this year, many people have likely been keeping up with the regular maintenance needed around the house – after all, with so much time on our hands, what else did most of us have to do! So, it is possible that your maintenance list might be quite small this year.

But just in case you haven’t gotten to those chores, remember raking up the leaves is just the start.  There may be a lengthy list of tasks you will need to schedule in before the weather changes. Weather at this time of year can be unpredictable, so it’s important that you get started as soon as possible.

While these lists can initially appear overwhelming, try doing the most weather dependent items first and leave the rest until you have more time.  If you have family members that can help you, try making a game of some chores (leaf raking), or a competition out of the chore list entirely. You can establish a reward that everyone can enjoy – winner’s choice.  Pizza and a movie, or game night, take-out, or someone’s favourite outing…you make the reward list – the winner makes the decision. 

Make sure you do a thorough inspection of all areas of your home to determine what needs attention and repair, and what does not.  Every home has unique elements – don’t just rely on a single maintenance list. For specialized chores such as chimney cleaning, electrical or plumbing repairs/maintenance, please hire a professional to do what is needed, if you are not licensed to do so. Accidents and injury can be prevented!

Your home is your biggest investment — so make sure you take care of it!  By doing fall maintenance, you can protect your home and in turn it can protect you, providing comfort from the cold when winter inevitably arrives.

Since outdoor activities are certainly the safest ones to do in this time of COVID-19, get organized and get started today on those chores; then go out and enjoy the beauty of Niagara in autumn.  It is spectacular!


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