Last Chance to Get Your Summer Home Maintenance Done!


Considering how hot the weather is, we must still be in the midst of summer, so it is not too late to make sure you have completed all of your summer home maintenance.  With every season there is a checklist of chores that are a must to protect your home—likely your biggest investment.  So, before we inevitably move into fall and cooler weather, take a good look at your home and determine if any maintenance chores still need to be done.  By now, you have probably completed most of them…but take one last look just in case. 

If you can, get your whole family involved and turn the chores into a game.  If everyone is having fun, it doesn’t seem like work.

Just remember that home maintenance issues can be unique to your property or home, so a general summer maintenance checklist is just a starting point.  Take a really good look at your home and address the items that need attention or repair.  As always, if you encounter something you are unsure of, or are not qualified to properly fix, call a professional to do the job right.  Some things must be done by a licensed professional (e.g., electrical and plumbing issues, etc.).

Perhaps you are already done summer maintenance and you have a small break before considering fall maintenance.  If you haven’t started yet … there is no time like the present.   Regular inspections and home maintenance can save you a lot of frustration and money later!

 Vanderzalm Construction Inc. continues to wish you a happy, healthy and safe summer!  If you are considering a custom renovation, addition, or a Niagara custom home build, call us at (905) 562-4463 or (905) 684-5823.