Part 1 – What trends are we seeing?


2024 has arrived, bringing along new trends and the continuation of old ones. With rising prices, increased inflation rates and interest rate hikes, it seems the biggest trend for this year could be that people may once again be focused on staying home more.

However, as far as renovating and building trends go, the most predominant trend remains –to make your home a visual expression of your uniqueness. So, what trends have changed, what has stayed the same, and what is the new normal?


As we all know, colour trends change every year and even throughout the year. The chosen colours are intended to provide a refresh to not just our personal fashion, but to our home design/décor as well.

These trend colours are expected to capture the essence of each year. In the case of 2024, the chosen colours appear to be focused on comfort, contentment, earthy tones and nature. The biggest colour trend is arguably the transition from cool grays to warm nature-inspired.

As always, keep in mind that the dominating influence for your home’s aesthetics should be you…not someone else. When picking colours for your home, remember that colours affect one’s emotions on a personal level. Always pick the colours that elicit the best emotions in you, not what’s necessarily on trend. Here are just a few of the colours of 2024:

  • The Pantone colour for 2024 is Peach Fuzz; a soft peach tone, keeping with the trend of bringing the tones of nature into the home.
  • Benjamin Moore’s colour for 2024 is Blue Nova; a blend of blue violet, not quite the boldness of the Raspberry Blush of 2023.
  • Sherwin Williams has chosen Upward as their colour of the year; it is a subtle blue with grey undertones.

Soft black tones incorporated in the right places can add a sense of sophisticated elegance or drama to any room, which makes this a top trend for 2024.

Uniqueness and Self-expression:

With all of the home décor choices available, it’s clear that cookie-cutter style is out! If you balance form with function, you can create a home that truly represents you.

As always, keep in mind that self-expression is best to be done with the less expensive elements within your home; simply put…life changes and so do our preferences for styles and colours over time. For instance, if you want to draw inspiration from the Barbie movie’s bubblegum or bright bold magenta pink, perhaps that splash of colour may be best seen in your artwork, throw pillows, fabrics, or an inexpensive statement furniture piece, to prevent a costly renovation if you grow tired of a trend. It’s your house…make it your home!

Technology – The Smart Home:

Incorporating technologies into your home, has also become a must have for many people that are renovating or building. Technology and advancements in AI (artificial intelligence) is an every-day topic that is definitely here to stay! The new smart home can incorporate technology that suits the individual homeowner’s needs– it’s not just one size fits all.

The smart home may include, but is not limited to, options for:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart switches/outlets
  • Smart door locks
  • Security doorbells
  • In home security systems, interior, and exterior security cameras
  • Touchless faucets
  • Automatic window coverings
  • Entertainment systems
  • Artificial intelligence

It is imperative for the homeowner to ensure that their ‘smart’ design has established security protocols to protect the features that they choose to incorporate. The ‘smart home’ is the new standard for most…it’s not a trend anymore.

Energy Efficiency:

Building codes and regulations have made energy efficiency and a reduction in our carbon footprint a priority. With higher fuel and electricity bills, a need for sustainable materials, energy efficiency, and less waste has become more of a priority in design. Energy efficiency is not a trend it’s a must!

The Home Office:

With working remotely still the mainstream trend for the last few years, the home office is not a temporary space anymore; it has become a permanent fixture in many households. This room is not just any space; it’s where you spend a great deal of your day working, and as such, it should be customized to meet your individual needs.

Designing the home office requires considerable planning for basic function (outlets, lighting, computers, internet, desk, electronics, organized filing, storage, security, etc.) as well as ergonomics, privacy/soundproofing, suitable colours that energize and inspire, and even wall art or an appropriate background wall (stone, brick, textured wallpaper) for video calls, if applicable.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU):

In 2023 some cities and towns adjusted their by-laws and zoning to allow some properties to have Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as a way to ease the housing shortage. In 2024, we are still seeing this trend for both rental units and multi-generational living.

Elderly parent(s) or adult children and even their families could have an opportunity for privacy and independent living in a small home while still remaining close in proximity on your property. This type of dwelling may help multi-generational families to share costs, provide care, or allow a homeowner to establish a rental unit and supplemental income.

If you are considering an ADU, you will need to contact your city building and zoning departments to discuss the applicable by-laws, and any restrictions that may apply.  

With the need for reasonable family care and affordable home ownership, there is a strong trend to create joint home ownership/living. In-law suites, nanny suites, suites for adult children and their families, as well as rental units are all part of the current renovating trend.

Outdoor Rooms:

The outdoor living space is still on trend and has become a must have for many. With staycations perhaps just as prevalent due to high prices and interest rates, creating an outdoor sanctuary has become the choice for many homeowners.

Done right, investing in your own personal backyard retreat or recreation of a favourite mini-vacation spot may be money well spent while making every day a pleasant staycation! Outdoor living spaces are unique to the homeowner, but popular choices for backyard spaces may include:

  • Outdoor living room
  • Kitchen and/or dining area
  • Games area
  • Pool/hot tub retreat
  • Reclaiming an outbuilding/shed/garage for an outdoor escape, yoga studio, home office, kid’s retreat, or their own luxury lounge.

Exterior Façade Facelifts:

With several aging homes in the region, many home exteriors, walkways, driveways, and patio/porch living spaces are in need of repair or updates. While perhaps not a priority in the past, many people are updating their ‘curb appeal’ for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners are making necessary repairs or replacements (pillars, roofs, windows, siding, etc.), while others want to give their house a fresh look without moving. Then there are some that are more focused on investing in their home to increase its value for a someday move. Whatever the reason, it's trending for exterior façades to get a facelift.

Quality Exterior Materials:

With the rise in prices over the last few years and difficulty of getting some building supplies, many homeowners have reconsidered the materials they want to use in their outdoor living spaces. Wood decks are still popular, but options for stone, concrete, composite decking, metal roofing and other materials have become a trend due to their longer life expectancy.

With the costs rising in so many ways, homeowners appear to be looking for longevity, flexibility for use, and a more luxurious looking outdoor space to increase the value of their property. While the price of these elements may be higher now, people are giving more consideration to the cost of re-doing elements again much earlier due to ‘shelf life’ and at an ever-increasing cost down the road.

Remodeling vs. Building New:

Maybe not so much a trend as it’s a sign of our times, with rising interest rates, and homeowners unable to find the location or house of their dreams, many are turning to renovating and/or adding on to their existing residence. Whether they want to renovate to accommodate phases of life, their individual lifestyle, or their need for rental income to help with rising mortgage rates, remodeling may allow them to optimize their home to meet those needs.

If you are looking to renovate or add on to your existing home, call us at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823. We look forward to working with you to make your existing home your dream home!