Part 2 – What trends are we seeing?


While we may have hopes of seeing changes and better stability in 2024, we are still experiencing global and home-based challenges with inflation, high interest rates, delays and shortages of supplies in many industries.

In keeping with such, many people are purchasing or re-purposing vintage items. Not only is this sustainable and environmentally friendly, it may be a cost savings to the recipient as well as an opportunity to obtain quality goods/furniture that can become a unique expression of one’s self.  

Fortunately, dark wood and leather tones are in for 2024, and some of these vintage pieces may already be on current trend. But if they are not, it can be easier to refinish some items with a darker toned stain or paint colour than to try and lighten something up. Whether it is a ‘hand-me down’ item from a family member, a purchase from a vintage store, or a donation to and/or from a charity, we are seeing appreciation of generosity, and for the quality of some vintage pieces and a positive trend of reducing waste – it’s a win/win situation. With vintage furniture, it is possible to take an eclectic collection of complementary chairs and a table to create an extraordinary dining room and ultimate dining experience.

It is true that trends can come and go, but sometimes they stick around for a while or become part of the norm. Reduction of waste is something we likely all want to see become part of the norm.


Here are some of the trends expected for 2024: 

  • Organization: Regardless of whether it was learned through the Pandemic, because of shortages, or ever-rising costs, some people are still stocking up on essentials which means that new home designs need to consider additional storage or better options for organization of storage. Space is a commodity and designers are more focused on utilizing square footage as efficiently as possible. 
  • The open floor plans: This is most homeowners’ desire! But working from home has made it necessary to have separate ‘escape’ areas in and sometimes outside of your home. The open concept design and the connectiveness of the kitchen and family room will continue to be on trend…basically a must. 
  • The open-concept bungalow is becoming the more preferred design as it offers more flexibility for life’s phases. However, subdivision lot size is not usually conducive to a bungalow’s square footage and it is more likely that multiple-storey new homes will continue to be the trend. 
  • In 2024, Bold accents, such as copper, bronze, gold and black finishes seem to be very much on trend for lighting, fixtures and furniture in styles that create a collaboration of classic sophistication and contemporary elegance. 
  • Ivory, beige, honey, and warm off-whites with Mixed textures, patterns, and colours are still trending, now with a plethora of blues, greens, orange and gold to create a feeling of understated luxury. 
  • Much like 2023, products trending in 2024 tend to create a sense of calm and familiarity Tongue and groove ceilings, wood designed accent walls, wallpaper (peel and stick for ease of use), brick and stone façade walls, vintage furniture, patterns and art, heavy barn beams and wood posts/columns, and many natural elements are all part of this 2024’s strategic design to create a blend of nostalgia, nature and contemporary design. 
  • Highlight walls/accent walls are making a come-back and getting bolder. Wallpaper, wood mouldings, vertical wood slats, and stone accent walls are big in 2024. Choosing the proper wall to highlight is vitally important to your success along with the choice of material and the direction(s) it is installed—it can either create an extraordinary focal point, or it could make your home look dated—that’s the opposite of trending. 
  • Layered lighting is no longer a trend, but a must. Concealed lighting, recessed lighting, pendants, chandeliers, lamps, etc. are all part of essential multi-layered lighting. Oversized, organic/natural, retro, sculptural, or highly polished in any metal you choose; 2024 lighting is art! The choices aren’t endless but they may feel that way when you are looking for just the right fixture. Lighting is not just functional, it can be a statement piece that tells everyone, a little more about you, as they enter your home. 
  • Rounding/curves of furniture, walls, windows and doorways and is a continuing trend from 2023. While for many years homeowners have been requesting that renovators square off doorways and remove the arches from their dated home, in 2024 the curved look is back. 
  • Laundry room and mudroom renovations are a trend, resulting from the sign of the times. Busy homeowner’s, do not want to go down to the basement to do their laundry, so main floor or second floor laundry/mud room renovations are trending. Many homeowners are not just moving their laundry facilities. By adding custom cabinetry, floating shelves, dynamic backsplashes, new appliances, custom storage options for each member of the household, and even pet baths or reading/office nooks, they are making their utility room far more functional and a beautiful space, in keeping with the rest of their home. 
  • The hottest trend in the industry is still the Opulent spa bathroom; one that is hotel worthy but meant just for the homeowner. Homeowners are often looking to re-create their favourite hotel bathroom or design one that is unique unto itself. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, these bathrooms can be truly serene and spa-like and done right, these retreats can add value on a home’s resale. The new home oasis usually has a curbless walk-in shower and large soaker tub, heated floors, dual vanities, and lots of storage with a separate water closet for privacy. 
  • The 2024 kitchen will not be a blend of whites like in the past. After all the kitchen is the heart of the home, so in 2024 it is expected to epitomize warmth, family and fond memories. Kitchens will have a blend of colours on walls and cabinets, wood cabinets, textures, natural and contrasting elements. One-piece backsplashes, blended backsplashes, statement island countertops, long multi-purpose or dual islands, beverage stations, and energy efficient high-end appliances, secondary spaces such as wine rooms, butler pantries, mixed metals, art style lighting, unique handles, larger sinks, touchless faucets, and integrated technology are but a few of the trends for 2024. 
  • Granite may have bold veining and colours in 2024, and will be the material of choice for kitchen countertops as it is durable, and elegant, and will can make statement as both a backsplash wall and a countertop. Quartz and marble will still be popular, but granite is likely to be the first choice. 
  • Appliances seem to be always advancing in technologies, colours, finishes, etc. The use of induction cooktops/stoves over natural gas options will increase as the effort to eliminate fuels becomes more prevalent. Multi-function ovens that have air frying capabilities and any other appliances with dual uses will likely be popular as it helps to eliminate the appliances on the countertop. Concealed appliances, appliance garages, ultra-quiet appliances, and double appliances (two fridges, two wine fridges, two dishwashers, two ovens) are already popular in high-end chef-style kitchens. European size/smaller appliances may also be trending this year. 

It is always important to remember that some trends are just that…they come and they go. But, in 2024 the general design trend is focused on promoting personal uniqueness, inspiration and comfort. That is a trend we want to stay! Don’t renovate for the next potential homeowner…make sure that your home reflects your individual life style with a balance between form and function. After all our homes are our safe haven, often our office or school room, our gym, and even our favourite restaurant. It is vital to ensure that we make choices that offer us both motivation and tranquility in the areas we need it.      

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