Project Communication


We have all heard horror stories of building projects that have ended in disaster. Family and friends hired someone to build their patio or finish a renovation and ended up with a final product not even close to what they had envisioned in the beginning. In some cases this can all be the result of bad communication between the project manager and the home owner. As small as communication might seem it is a vital part in any project development and can provide the following:

Project Fluidity: The project is “alive” never standing still and it needs to be that way in order for it to get done properly and on time. By regularly communicating with the project manager you are allowing the process to constantly flow answering any questions either side may have.

Problem solving: Communicating allows for problems to be resolved right away. If a problem does occur and is not resolved for an entire week due to lack of communication it can jeopardize the project completion date and even add extra expenses. Lack of communication can allow for a small problem to become a major issue.

Your Vision: The most important reason to uphold communication is to ensure that your project is being completed to your specifications, and in the end is the exact same you had envisioned in the beginning.

There are many ways you can improve your communication with your project manager, but here are two very simple ways that can have a great benefit:

Follow Up: Talk with your project manager once or twice a week, drop them a call or stop by the job site and see how things are going.

Setting up a plan: From the start of the project establish a plan for it. Have key dates that things should be accomplished by and hold each other accountable to get them done on time and right. This gives you a reason to meet together and talk about the projects progress.

Proper communication is an aspect that takes effort to maintain. While some let it fall to the wayside it can create many problems in a projects development. To help your next addition or renovation to success and avoid it becoming a disaster apply these techniques and see the difference!