Reclaiming the Backyard!


After the winter we have had with its sub-zero temperatures and fierce snowstorms, it is understandable that homeowners would be looking forward to warmer weather and extending their living spaces to the much missed outdoors.  Outdoor rooms have become very popular in the last few years; they are no longer limited to the areas where weather is moderate.  Space is a valuable commodity and you can reclaim your under-utilized yard for an extension of your own living space. Your backyard can be your new retreat or vacation spot!

Here are just a few ideas:

1.  Covered Decks & Porches:  If you enjoy the outdoors, why not extend your living space to the outside. Building a roof over your deck or porch area, can allow you to utilize outdoor living space despite the weather.  Roofs or pergola’s can provide relief from the strong sun or protect you during a light rain, so that you can still relax, read, or socialize outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Keep in mind it is important to incorporate the style and aesthetic features of your existing structure in the new covered area.

2.  Patios & Decks: Slate, flagstone, interlock, stamped and/or coloured concrete are ever popular options for outdoor patios or porches.  An installation using colour and geometric patterns can allow one to define different spaces, much as flooring choices can inside a home.  Colour and styles can also add to the tranquility or pizzazz of your space.  Wood decks are still in demand, glass rails for unobstructed views, and vinyl deck coverings are increasingly popular as well.  Strategically placed built-in seating benches and/or planter boxes may maximize efficiency as well as define space. 

3.  Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces:  For some, outdoor cooking may not be about the basic barbecue anymore.  These homeowners are customizing their outdoor rooms with some appliances like wine and drink fridges, cook tops, pizza ovens and outdoor fireplaces that set a beautiful ambiance and provide heat for a cool spring/summer, or early fall evening.  These modernized outdoor rooms are becoming increasingly popular in local regions – not just those with kinder weather. 

4.  Fences, Gates, & Stone Walls:  If privacy is an issue, constructing a privacy fence or stone wall can not only resolve the issue but it can act as a defining wall or backdrop for your outdoor room.  Water features or outdoor art can be added to provide visual aesthetics and tranquility, while still meeting the objective of much needed privacy or concealment of a less than desirable view.

 5.  Gazebos, Pool Sheds, & Outbuildings:  Gazebos, pool houses, barns, and outbuildings can be more than practical; they can be an exquisite focal point for your yard.  The incorporation of decorative details, distinctive windows or glass doors, or unique structural design can make these a charming addition to your backyard retreat.

If you are looking to create a harmonious transition from your home’s indoor space to the outdoors with the addition of hardscaping, covered porches, outbuildings, or barns, our team would love to tell you why Vanderzalm Construction Inc. is the right choice for you in the Niagara Region. Contact us today at 905-562-4463 or email us at