Spring chores bring anticipation of summer


It’s starting to look and feel like spring, and that is certainly a relief after a Niagara winter. Soon, we will be enjoying the sun, green grass, and blooming flowers.

But with the advent of spring comes certain chores that should never be overlooked. Besides the obvious spring cleaning, landscaping of flower beds, and seasonal refreshing of lawn furniture, it is important to realize the change of the seasons also means maintenance for the home.

As your home is unique, take a good look at the interior and exterior to determine trouble spots and anything that may need to be done to rectify or prevent an issue.    

Here are just a few items to consider on your checklist when doing the spring maintenance of your home:

  1. Each month, regardless of the time of year, your furnace filter needs to be checked, cleaned, or changed and HRV system needs maintenance checks as well. Clean your humidifiers and dehumidifiers. HVAC systems and air conditioners should have an annual inspection and maintenance by a certified professional.
  2. Check your hot water heater and all piping regularly to ensure there are no leaks. Leaking hot water is more than a waste of water, it is a waste of energy and potential for serious damage to your home.
  3. Clean your dryer vent as often as possible. A clogged vent is not only an energy waster; it can cause a house fire.
  4. Each month, test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Always replace any alarms that do not work and ensure batteries are new.
  5. Make sure your eaves troughs and downspouts are clean and free of loose debris. Ensure the troughs are secure and not leaking and that they drain away from your foundation. Regular inspections can help prevent a water problem from arising.
  6. If the winter has affected the ground near the foundation, ensure you inspect your foundation, get issues repaired, and regrade to avoid future damage. Checking this on a regular basis especially after a heavy rain, can help you to avoid puddles that breed mosquitoes and alleviate the potential of basement floods.
  7. Check for frost damage (lifting, cracks, movement) especially with fences, foundations, driveways and walkways.
  8. Clean and maintain decks, porches, siding and frames of doors and windows. If there is damage, plan for repair as soon as possible to help prevent water damage, injury, or insect infestation.
  9. Check windows and doors, caulking, and weather stripping for leaks (both air and water).
  10. Check outdoor hose bibs and prepare them for spring and summer use.
  11. Check and repair roof for loose, missing, or broken shingles and check the flashing, vents, skylights, and chimneys. 
  12. Ensure the chimney is cleaned and inspected regularly throughout the year by a certified professional.
  13. Check your attic, basement and crawlspaces for any issues, such as leaks; mould growth; animal infestation or damage; fire hazards; damage to vents or other issues.
  14. Make sure windows are operating properly and screens are cleaned and installed properly.
  15. If you have a septic system or cistern, you may want to arrange an annual inspection.

Spring is a wonderful time filled with anticipation of warmer weather and outdoor activities. It is also a time for house maintenance to keep your home healthy.

When you conduct maintenance checks, make sure you address and repair any issues that you find as soon as possible. This will keep even bigger repairs from affecting your future. Make sure that you seek the services of a professional for tasks that you are not qualified to do safely and properly.  Safety should always be a priority.