The Interim Home


If you are thinking of renovating, but this will not be your permanent or final home, you may want to concentrate on certain areas of the home. As always, ensure that your renovation reflects your taste so that you enjoy this space while you are there, but in the case of an interim home consider the need to make choices that will also allow the new homeowner to feel like it was made for them too.

Painting, lighting fixture updates, and landscape maintenance can certainly give a home a bit of a facelift, but if you want to upgrade or remodel your home, you may want to consider doing so in the following areas:

Kitchens: Renovating your kitchen or bathroom can be one of the most profitable renovations you can make. The kitchen is most likely the hub of your house, which is why putting money into it can add value to your home, and give you the most personal satisfaction of any renovation you can do. You may want to keep your choices in cabinetry, countertops, flooring and backsplashes to classic styles that have stood the test of time as opposed to something trendy. You can add your sense of style in your choices of handles, hardware, or accessories that can be more cost effectively replaced down the road if need be. Appliance choice is the key to your own happiness while living in the home, but top of the line appliances can really appeal to a new homeowner and raise the value of your home. Match form with function and you will have a wonderful place to create your culinary masterpieces—that a new homeowner would envy.

Bathrooms: Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is a high traffic area and is the second most important room in terms of value for your renovation budget.  If your bathroom renovation includes updating of fixtures and faucets, you have an opportunity to improve energy efficiency while creating a functional spa-like sanctuary. This is another area where form and function need to go hand in hand.  If you have only one bathroom, you may want to consider a second one, even if it is just a powder room.  This type of renovation can impact your own comfort greatly and add value to your home at the same time.

Front door and Entranceway: Updating your front door and entranceway can give a big facelift to your home. This is a great opportunity to improve security, add curb appeal, possibly add additional natural light, and redecorate. This is likely the first thing you, your guests, and possibly a new owner will see when arriving at the home, so ‘WOW’ everyone with a warm welcoming look right from the start. Let everyone know that you love your home.

Furnace and Air conditioner: Updating your furnace and air conditioner with high efficiency models may make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Roof and exterior façade: Improving the structure of your home is vitally important to comfort, energy efficiency, sustainability, and curb appeal. Ensure that you maintain or upgrade your home before it actually requires it. You are late if you wait to redo your roof until after it leaks—the damage could be substantial. Prevention is a key factor when investing in the building envelope and includes updating windows as needed. This is also an opportunity to update a weathered or dated home and create a beautiful new look.

Backup generator: With the unpredictability of our weather, a backup generator can certainly give you peace of mind and add convenience to your home for years to come.  

While this may not be the dream home of your future, you can still make it into a dream home for your future. Invest properly in your home, and it can help you achieve your financial goals. If you are looking to renovate your home in the Niagara Region, call Vanderzalm Construction Inc. at (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823. If we renovate this home for you, you may find out that it is your dream home after all.