The Trends of 2016 - What did the year bring?


Well it is almost the end of the year and seems like a time to reflect on the trends of 2016. As always, some are a continuation of the year before and some were new twists on tried and true ideas. 

  1. The last few years have definitely been focused on redesigning the compartmentalized home and transitioning it into a family nurturing, entertainment-ready open concept sanctuary. Home owners continue to want more natural light, a spacious feel, and versatility which is difficult with older structured designs.
  2. Energy efficiency is not only the focus of new building code but is a huge consideration for home owners that are renovating or building new. Hopefully this will remain a focus for all.
  3. Spa-like bathrooms with soaker tubs, walk-in curbless showers, and unique ceramic tiles are still in high demand.
  4. Manufacturers of ceramic tile provided consumers with new products and designs that looked like natural stone and wood at a more affordable price than the real thing.
  5. Reclaimed barn board was favoured by many home owners as well. The warmth and uniqueness of this wood cannot be easily replicated by even the latest products available. These distinctive boards that have already survived a test of time are being re-used for accent walls, hardwood flooring and furniture pieces. Let’s hope that the aspect of recycling a natural product continued to appeal greatly so that we may all be a little more conscious of our environmental impact.
  6. While it is said that many seem to be opting for the ‘little’ or ‘tiny’ home, this is not really a new trend, but perhaps more of a movement by a group of home owners that want to have the flexibility and mobility to relocate when the opportunity arises. Some of these designs offer great innovations for convenience in a very small footprint. 
  7. Mismatched finishes, materials or colours in cabinetry competed with the traditional white painted kitchen with granite countertops. Rustic metal and wood accents, subway tiles, and shiny maintenance free countertops have been combined for an eclectic vibe that help achieve a personalized space and a reflection of one’s self. Designing this year seemed to be more about personal expression and less about a standard polished look.
  8. A little ‘bling’ could be found in almost all aspects of décor, whether it is with accent tiles, faucets, lights, furniture, and actual décor items, crystal and metals are still popular. Statement lighting and stair railings have become big focal points.
  9. In-floor heating was ever popular in all areas of the house where ceramic tile could be found.   
  10. Once again, there was a demand for larger trims and built-in cabinetry. Especially, with new open concept designs, home owners seemed to have ‘cabinet fever’. It is vital in the open concept design to have multi-purpose storage. The shaker style (recessed panel) and glass or  open built-in cabinets seemed to continue to be a timeless choice.  
  11. 2015 brought back the warm metals (gold, brass, bronze and copper) in ways we had not seen in some time. That trend continued in 2016 with faucets, handles, fixtures, lighting and other décor items that could be found in all different metals, strategically combined throughout the home to provide a warm inviting atmosphere. 
  12. Technology continued to fill our homes so our electrical needs have changed. USB outlets have been incorporated along with added wiring or conduits for future technological uses. However, some also ensured there were tech-free zones within the house to set apart some well needed down time.
  13. Black stainless for appliances is a new finish trend that many were excited about. Appliances were re-designed to be more energy efficient, have specialized fridge zones and be interactive. To encroach less into pathways some ovens have been designed with French style doors. New appliances such as steam ovens, clothes steamers, and retro redesigns were also new in 2016. With so much to choose from, maybe the question to ask before choosing appliances is ‘what do I really need’. 
  14. Fireplaces, especially gas fuelled ones, were a big part of interior design this year.
  15. It was a year to play with colours, floral patterns, and textures to create the ultimate design. The top two Pantone colours of 2016 were Serenity and Rose Quartz. These combined with simple décor styles created elegant tranquil spaces seen in different areas of homes.

When renovating or building it is vital to differentiate between classic and trendy and find a balance suitable to your personal style. Flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures are usually a substantial investment and therefore you may want to consider making classic or timeless choices for these items. Accessories and/or paint colours are a less expensive avenue in which to incorporate a trend that you may wish to change as time goes on. 2017 is just around the corner, and it will be interesting to see what the new trends will be. 

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