Turning your walls into a work of art.


If you already have an exposed brick or stone wall in your home, you may feel like you have already won the lottery…because without added expense or efforts on your part your home probably has the organic charm, character and/or elegance that you cherish—All you have to do is accessorize properly.

For the rest of us, we can turn our standard drywalled homes into a work of art that reflects our personality and leaves a lasting impression on our guests by using brick or stone façades.  After all, natural organic materials have been used for thousands of years in our homes to create a welcome tranquil environment. 

There are so many varieties and colours of ledgestone, limestone, slate, brick, river rock, fieldstone, etc.  Natural stone is unique with its varying colours, textures, angles and irregularities. …and architectural façades can give us that same illusion without the weight and depth of real stone. 

The addition of a stone or brick accent wall, fireplace, chimney or kitchen backsplash can transform a standard home/condo into your tranquil countryside retreat or a modern sophisticated haven.   

Some may think that stone is very hard and cold, not a desirable material for their home or office, but this theory is strictly a visual illusion.  Stone can be added to a space to increase the barrier between the cold…it becomes an added insulator… but visually it can take on whatever style you desire by the type of stone or brick you choose and what you pair it with.  It is important to give careful consideration to the size, colour, shape and texture of the stone that so that it will characterize your style.

Adding a balance of appropriate industrial lighting, clean lines, leather, edgier accessories and harder surfaces can create the spacious, sleek modern or contemporary room of your dreams.  While it is also possible to achieve a fundamentally opposite space by softening the stone/brick with complimentary fluffy or plush cushions, weathered wood, upholstery, brilliant chandeliers, and colour.  The magic materializes with the combination of the stone and the accessories and lighting around it.

While beautifully painted drywall definitely has its place in your home, the incorporation of a strategically placed stone façade accent wall can change a room into a work of art.  The transformation can be striking.  It may also add value to your home as it can portray strength and enhance charm and character that another home may not have, and stone has often represented the epitome of value throughout time.

So where would you put that stone accent?  Well, if you have a central wall in your home, visible to many other rooms that might be the perfect enhancement; changing not only that room but the entire home with one wall.  Or perhaps you are looking to enrich a bedroom, hallway or living room.  Even a stairway can become dramatically different with a new façade.   Home offices that need to appear to be luxurious and professional often benefit from a stone accent wall behind the desk.

Small spaces though do not usually benefit from the addition of stone walls.  The façade, although thinner than full stone, still takes up space that may be better utilized and there is little space to combine textures and colours to ensure that it does not take on a harsh cluttered look.   While stone in an ensuite bathroom can enhance the beautiful feeling of a tranquil retreat, it should be strategically placed.  Ultimately it is more important to consider practicality and cleanliness in a bathroom than it is beauty.  Smoother surfaces like tile are easier to maintain than rough or porous stone ones.

So, if you are looking to really transform your existing drywall or to establish a focal point for your custom home, you may want to consider the dramatic impression, durability, and eternally trendiness of stone or brick. 

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