You can probably image how much of an impact an Ontario winter has on a property with a steep driveway.  Elevated properties and steep driveways have issues affecting parking, access, and living space enjoyment that perhaps the average home does not.

De-icing, parking, maintenance, the climb, the lack of level usable outdoor space could all be factors with an elevated property.   

If you have a picturesque view but a slope that makes it impossible to take advantage of, perhaps you may want to consider a renovation that not only rectifies the obvious slope issues, but helps add usable living space both inside and out.

When considering a homeowner’s concerns about their layout, it is vital to combine their real needs with their wish list to create the perfect design. 

In this case, the request was to eliminate not only the steep slope and replace it with a more level parking area, but to create a bigger garage and usable rooms both inside and out.

The result was this fabulous new design that meets the individual needs of the owner. 

This new garage design minimizes the parking issues of a property with a raised elevation, while creating a patio space or outdoor living room that the owner can treasure in a picturesque environment.

If you have a challenging elevation, and are ready to renovate call Vanderzalm Construction Inc. at (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823. Our team can create a space that addresses your specific needs and unique preferences and helps you to maximize the enjoyment of your property to make it truly yours.  

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