We can’t wait for Summer…but we would like to wait to do the chores!


The Niagara Region is a wonderful place to live, especially in the summer. It’s no wonder the Region sees so many visitors from around the world eager to experience the extraordinary wonder of the Falls, the history of Niagara-on-the-Lake, our gardens, beaches, water parks, sports, wineries, breweries, and spectacular restaurants. And of course, the Region wouldn’t be the same without its fresh fruit, vegetable and bakery stands along the way. There really is something for everyone if you’re looking for a staycation or vacation. But before you get to all that fun stuff, you’ll need to complete those summer chores, something not many of us look forward to doing.

Being outside in Niagara during the summer can be enjoyable even if it’s for maintenance. The warm weather and sunshine can make it easier for us to make our outdoor living areas better, and at the end of the day, we’ll be one step closer - or several steps, depending on how much work you get done- to relaxing in our summer oasis.

You don’t have to get everything done in a day, but if you can…Great! You may want to do a few chores from your maintenance list each day while enjoying the rest of it with friends and family until you get all of the items done. Some people say that many hands can make lighter work, so perhaps you may want to try to get your whole family involved and turn the chores into a game or a competition. If everyone is having fun, can we really call it work or chores? If your extended family members are willing, you can go from one home to the next and help each other out—sharing some games, a meal or a party when everything is done! Regardless of how you approach summer maintenance chores, you need to protect your home; making sure it’s safe and providing you with a healthy place in which to live.

Keep in mind that home maintenance issues can be unique to your property or home, so a general summer maintenance checklist is just a starting point for most people. There may be items specific to your home and property that are not included in a general maintenance list. Take a really good look at your specific house and address the items that need attention or repairs. Doing regular inspections and proper home maintenance is essential to ensure that you are aware of issues that may affect your home’s structure, efficiency, healthiness, curb appeal energy bills, etc. which may save you a lot of frustration and money down the road!

If you encounter something you’re unsure of, or not qualified to properly fix or replace, call a professional. Some things must be done by a licensed professional (e.g., electrical and plumbing issues, etc.). There are just some tasks that are not DIY projects.

Vanderzalm Construction Inc. wishes you a happy, healthy and safe summer! If you are considering a custom renovation, addition, or a Niagara custom home build, call us at (905)562-4463 or (905)684-5823. We look forward to hearing from you.