When the leaves are falling…it’s time for chores.


For many of us, fall is simply the season that prepares us for winter. The temperatures drop and leaves turn colours making it a magnificent scene in the Niagara Region. But shortly after these scenic views are taken in, the leaves fall to the ground…and the true sign that fall is really upon us, and winter is coming becomes a reality.

Here in the Niagara Region while the colours may be breathtakingly stunning, it is much harder to look forward to the necessary maintenance it all brings! Hopefully, you have already begun your regular maintenance for fall, but if not, it is not too late to get started now.

As we always say, your home is an investment, and you need to protect that investment. And well that means regular upkeep every season and whenever else you may notice something that may be an issue.

Each season you will need to do a thorough inspection of all areas of your home to establish if there are any trouble spots. While generalized lists like this one are a good starting place, your home is unique, so don’t just rely on a single maintenance list.

If you have been a homeowner for a few years now, you likely know that fall maintenance is more than just raking leaves and cleaning up gardens. But for those that are first-time homeowners, the fall chore list can be a lengthy one, depending on your property and you should get started before the inclement weather comes and makes it impossible to complete your tasks.

Try to start with the weather-dependent items on your checklist first. Indoor work can be done on dreary days. If you need to, don’t be hesitant to ask your family members for help! If you can, make a game of it…it may be possible to get each task done more quickly and you will be helping to subtly teach a life lesson to the next generation of homeowners so that they will know how to protect their own home one day.

  • You could create competitions for raking or bagging leaves.
  • You could establish a reward that everyone involved enjoys. (a game night, dinner out, a movie night?)

By maintaining your home in a timely manner before key elements are neglected for too long, you can protect your investment and in turn your home can protect you. When everything is in proper working order your home provides reliable comfort from Niagara’s incredibly cold and snowy winters.

Please keep in mind, if you are not licensed to do so, please hire a licensed professional for tasks that require specialized skills (e.g., chimney cleaning, electrical or plumbing repairs/maintenance, etc.). It can’t be stressed enough that some projects are not DIY! Accidents and injuries can be prevented by hiring a professional.

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