Why Landscaping is Essential in the Planning of Your Custom Home


Landscaping should be part of your custom home design from the beginning. Attractive and functional landscaping is an integral part of planning your custom home. The grounds that surround your home are an extension of your home’s design, and part of what makes your design truly “custom” is planning for a dream retreat in your very own yard. Here are four things to consider when planning your home and landscaping.


  1. Landscaping and the Interior

The scenery and natural light that streams in through your windows and doorways are key elements in the overall ambiance of your home. Therefore planning your landscaping along with your home design allows you to maximize those elements. Landscaping and hardscaping – the masonry and woodwork that’s part of a landscape design -- create opportunities to establish privacy, walkways, steps, decks, patios, and outdoor rooms, which all add to your home’s overall function, views, and “curb appeal.”  

  1. Overall Visual Aesthetics 

Landscaping should not be an afterthought; the best way to create landscaping that fits your home’s design is to incorporate it into the original plan. The result will be a harmonious transition from indoor to outdoor space.  So ask yourself…what do you want from your outdoor space?  Knowing what you want and where you want it to be in advance, is a key decision for the effectiveness of your overall home layout and placement of windows and doors for efficient access and aesthetics.

  1. Cost Savings

The benefits aren’t just aesthetic – incorporating landscaping into your overall plan creates efficiencies and cost effectiveness, including combining services such as excavation, stone and concrete work, electrical, plumbing etc.

  1. Communication

Open communication is essential throughout your project, but make sure you talk about your dream retreat at the planning stage. While your budget or other considerations (such as ground settlement) may prevent you from completing everything in your ultimate plan all at once, it is important to incorporate the key elements into your design. Whether it is a patio with a barbeque, a gazebo, a cabana, a pool, a sunroom, an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, an out-building or barn, or just gardens with a sprinkler system; planning ahead might allow you to take the necessary rough-in steps, to minimize future costs.

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