Wine Cellars and Wine Rooms. When a wine rack on the counter just won't do


Being located in the centre of Niagara’s ‘Wine Country’, offers a great opportunity to enjoy some of the finest wines Niagara has to offer. It has become quite popular to take a wine tasting tour or frequent one of the many wonderful winery restaurants in the region. However, many people also choose to enjoy their favourite wines with family and friends in the comfort of their own homes.

For those wine lovers that are actual collectors of fine wines, they give careful consideration as to how they store their treasured bottles for the aging process. The number of bottles in one’s collection dictates the size of storage area needed to house them. Lighting and climate control are essential to storage, as a proper balance between temperature and humidity is needed at all times. It is also essential to ensure that rooms are properly constructed to avoid moisture and mold issues. Material selection for wine storage areas is also vital as one must control contaminates and off-gasing that could affect the wine. Different geographical areas may also require different approaches to storage. Consulting an expert about wine storage is beneficial for anyone that is serious about their wine.

But not all people that enjoy wine plan to age their wines which means that the storage they require may not need to be quite as large or elaborate as those that need long-term housing. After all, not all wines are intended to be aged...many are just meant to be enjoyed. Most people quite enjoy the taste and aromatic bouquet of young wines. 

Homeowners that enjoy young wines often incorporate a wine rack in their kitchen for storage of the few wines that they store. But even for short periods the heat from the kitchen stove and lighting, do not make this the best option for storage.

Some home owners have expropriated under-utilized space in their homes to create wine closets, wine rooms and/or wine cellars to house their collections or simply store a few bottles until they have an opportunity to enjoy them.  Wine storage areas can be placed in vacant space under a staircase, in a closet, in an unused area of a basement, or almost anywhere that you can fit it in your home. Whether you have a mansion or a condo there are design options for wine storage.

Many passionate wine enthusiasts don’t just have a storage cellar, they incorporate a wine room close to their storage area where they can sit and share their special finds with their family and friends. Those that also enjoy beer and spirits often incorporate a full bar into their room design.

Finishes for wine rooms/tasting areas or in-home pubs often take on a more traditional look with barrel ceilings, archways, gate style doors, rustic beams, ornate wood, and stone. But these rooms can also be finished with contemporary designs, incorporating painted cabinets, electronics, and metal and glass finishes. Regardless of the direction of the design, the complexity or simplicity and creativity of the room is only really limited by the homeowner’s imagination and of course…budget restrictions.

A well-designed wine cellar and tasting room involves thought to many components, but once it is finished, it can become your own personal sanctuary, where you can relax and enjoy your favourite vintage.

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