Spring has sprung...already!

Well, spring is here… since we are always looking for the positives since COVID-19 began, this must be one of them.  At this time, it is a thrill to welcome any sign of spring—and yay, it is here!  We have green grass and blossoms on trees.  The warmer weather and that beautiful sunshine that we have been seeing is a joy to behold.  Being in the dreaded lockdowns or under restrictions for most of the past year has made us more than just a little eager for some time outside.  So, with this changing season we get to enjoy some time outdoors, even if there is a maintenance regiment that we must conduct. 

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2021: Hindsight - What Do We See Now!

Part 2 – The Years We Are Unlikely to Forget!

With travel restrictions in place for most of 2020 and likely 2021, vacation funds are not in use right now and the need to create our own sanctuaries has become the focus of many homeowners. So, what are we seeing in the industry? Well, we are seeing a new pride being taken in the appearance of our homes, updating of the essential elements, and a new appreciation for family space and retreats. 

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2021 Renovation Trends

What do we see now!  

Well, it is that time of year again where we take a look at what the home trends will be for the year – but this new year is not just another year. We are now one year into a new decade, a decade that has brought with it a pandemic that most of us never fathomed could happen.

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Working from Home in 2021

Well, since COVID-19 interrupted our daily lives, working from home has become the norm for many people.  But in order to be effective at your job one thing is for certain, you need an organized, comfortable space. 

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Christmas Wishes

While Christmas celebrations may not be as grand as those we’ve shared in the past, there is something very magical about this year.

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Changing Traditions - Adding a Custom Suite to your Home

In the past few years, many people have encountered a dilemma when trying to become home owners.  For some, it is a response to the new mortgage rules—they simply don’t qualify on their own.  For others, such as new parents or those with aging parents, they are trying to figure out how best to care for their loved ones, while maintaining their jobs/careers.   

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