The Interim Home

If you are thinking of renovating, but this will not be your permanent or final home, you may want to concentrate on certain areas of the home. As always, ensure that your renovation reflects your taste so that you enjoy this space while you are there, but in the case of an interim home consider the need to make choices that will also allow the new homeowner to feel like it was made for them too.

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Project Communication

We have all heard horror stories of building projects that have ended in disaster. Family and friends hired someone to build their patio or finish a renovation and ended up with a final product not even close to what they had envisioned in the beginning. In some cases this can all be the result of bad communication between the project manager and the home owner. As small as communication might seem it is a vital part in any project development and can provide the following:

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Closet space - Is there ever enough?

When building a custom home, we at Vanderzalm Construction Inc. understand the need to incorporate lots of storage space. After all, is there really ever enough…there can be, if you plan properly.

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Fall has arrived

It’s that time of year again… when the changing of leaves means fall is upon us and that means there are a few more chores to do. 

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Spring Landscaping

When consulting with a client about their future aspirations for a house there is often a large focus on the interior and exterior look and design. But when they are asked about landscaping plans for their back and front yard it can yield a puzzling look. The truth is your front and back yards are just as big of an important part to their living area as the interior of their home. Here are some ways to maximize the look of your outdoor space:

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Accessibility In Your Home

With the baby boomers aging there is a new demand in keeping homes easily accessible for the elderly and those with special needs. This can often be something that is overlooked in the initial development plans for a home or renovation. There are numerous ways you can make simple changes to your home during a renovation to make it more accessible, but here are a few key areas to keep in mind:

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Reclaiming the Backyard!

After the winter we have had with its sub-zero temperatures and fierce snowstorms, it is understandable that homeowners would be looking forward to warmer weather and extending their living spaces to the much missed outdoors.  Outdoor rooms have become very popular in the last few years; they are no longer limited to the areas where weather is moderate.  Space is a valuable commodity and you can reclaim your under-utilized yard for an extension of your own living space. Your backyard can be your new retreat or vacation spot!

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The Master Bedroom... Not Just For Sleeping Anymore!

With today’s hectic family schedules, gone are the days when the master bedroom was just that, a bedroom. Now, it has become a retreat—a sanctuary that one goes to find tranquility and pampering; to find that so elusive private time. Therefore, it stands to reason that while the average master bedroom may still be the biggest bedroom in the house, it does not necessarily meet the needs of today’s homeowners.

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Best Wishes This Holiday Season

Perhaps it is the lights, the smell of fresh baked cookies, or just the sound of laughter and excitement but there is something very magical about this time of year.  And at such a wonderful time, it is no wonder that we reflect with gratitude on the year that has just passed.  This year was one of exciting new projects and an ever-growing client family. After all, we don’t just build houses, we build relationships and custom homes…our client’s homes –your home!  And because we have gotten to know our clients so well, it seems only natural to extend our very best wishes, from our family to yours… may you have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends in your new home or newly renovated home.   Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your project and to get to know you!

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Why Landscaping is Essential in the Planning of Your Custom Home

Landscaping should be part of your custom home design from the beginning. Attractive and functional landscaping is an integral part of planning your custom home. The grounds that surround your home are an extension of your home’s design, and part of what makes your design truly “custom” is planning for a dream retreat in your very own yard. Here are four things to consider when planning your home and landscaping.


  1. Landscaping and the Interior

The scenery and natural light that streams in through your windows and doorways are key elements in the overall ambiance of your home. Therefore planning your landscaping along with your home design allows you to maximize those elements. Landscaping and hardscaping – the masonry and woodwork that’s part of a landscape design -- create opportunities to establish privacy, walkways, steps, decks, patios, and outdoor rooms, which all add to your home’s overall function, views, and “curb appeal.”  

  1. Overall Visual Aesthetics 

Landscaping should not be an afterthought; the best way to create landscaping that fits your home’s design is to incorporate it into the original plan. The result will be a harmonious transition from indoor to outdoor space.  So ask yourself…what do you want from your outdoor space?  Knowing what you want and where you want it to be in advance, is a key decision for the effectiveness of your overall home layout and placement of windows and doors for efficient access and aesthetics.

  1. Cost Savings

The benefits aren’t just aesthetic – incorporating landscaping into your overall plan creates efficiencies and cost effectiveness, including combining services such as excavation, stone and concrete work, electrical, plumbing etc.

  1. Communication

Open communication is essential throughout your project, but make sure you talk about your dream retreat at the planning stage. While your budget or other considerations (such as ground settlement) may prevent you from completing everything in your ultimate plan all at once, it is important to incorporate the key elements into your design. Whether it is a patio with a barbeque, a gazebo, a cabana, a pool, a sunroom, an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, an out-building or barn, or just gardens with a sprinkler system; planning ahead might allow you to take the necessary rough-in steps, to minimize future costs.

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